Tuesday, 11/29/2011

We thought we would help you out this morning and give you a little insight into Playboy’s Best Year of Your Life contest. Editorial Director for Playboy, Jimmy Jellinek, called in this morning to fill us in on how incredible this contest is. We’re not talking about lame prizes like hair gel, we’re talking about NFL tickets to any game, trips, motorcycles, etc. etc. etc.!  Playboy means business when they say that 2012 will be the BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE but that’s only if you enter!

With tonight being the Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we wanted to one up her by bringing you our 1st Annual Dirty Little Secret Lingerie Fashion Show. Victoria may have girls in lingerie but we had girls in lingerie who shared with us the naughty acts they’ve done while wearing that particular outfit. Check out our Models & their Dirty Secrets …

  • February RadioMate Sherra Michelle looked hot in her blue & black corset as she told us about the time she hooked up with her female boss while working! Click here to see her sexy strut!
  • Gorgeous Playboy Live Model Sara Sue fashioned her sexy bright pink ruffle lingerie outfit and told us about the time she had sex with “someone” (girl or guy) who walked in Sara after this person over heard her having a naughty sex talk while on the phone.  Check out her catwalk!
  • Next Dirty Little Secret that we heard came from Playboy Live Model Mishka! She showed off her assets in a leopard print baby doll outfit while she told us about the time she got naughty with a married couple & her friends as she was leaving the Playboy Mansion. Here is her HOT runway walk!
  • Our last beauty to show off her little black skirt & bra was Playboy Live Model Kyara! Don’t get jealous boys but this girl has had the privilege of flicking Andrea’s boob. Turn ON! Kyara’s Dirty Little Secret was when she decided to get some after a break up. She dressed up in her mini skirt, went to a bar, had a guy buy her a drink & took him home. He gave her what she needed and kicked him out. Check out this HOT little outfit!

3 Responses to “Tuesday, 11/29/2011”

  1. what was that website address you were talking about this morning about ex’s posting pictures and comments. I wanted to check it out

  2. Cool hat Kevin, but when do you find time to work on a tuna boat?

  3. Female deer. They have a doe feast

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