Wednesday, 11/30/2011

Did we get a surprise this morning! We thought we were just going to interview Playboy Co-Ed of the Week Neo Jalteck instead we ended up crashing a date. Neo called in this morning in the same outfit, a tight green spandex dress, that she was wearing last night and while she was still in bed with the her date. NICE! We found out that Neo is one sexy spontaneous girl, so spontaneous the she met her mystery UFC fighter date at the mall yesterday afternoon, went out with him last night and was still enjoying him this morning. We like it when our Playboy Beauties are fun and fearless!

We also awarded our coveted Heffy Award this morning to WWII Vet & POW, Irwin Stovroff, who is helping his follow Vets with the Vets Helping Heroes Organization. He provides service dogs to disable vets. Irwin is definitely Hef-tastic!

2 Responses to “Wednesday, 11/30/2011”

  1. Irwin’s story was incredibly inspiring — great work!

    Neo’s interview was HOT! I’d love to see a pic of the green dress.

  2. I wish there’d b a few play boy girls like that at my mall here in louisiana

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