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Happy Holidays!

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Friday, 12/23/2011

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It was a very festive morning as we celebrated the Holidays with our lovely RadioMatesMiss February Sherra Michelle, Miss March Kaya Danielle, Miss June Brenda Leanne, Miss August Eva Marie & our newest RadioMate Miss December Krystle Lina! Now we get to put Krystle’s beauty in front of the camera … YEAH!

To make our show truly a Holiday Show, SANTA joined us to have some fun! Our RadioMates played our annual game of Mistletoe or Camel Toe while Santa, Andrea & Kevin got to take a peak in each girl’s panties and decide which girl was hiding Mistletoe. Another one of our great holiday traditions on The Playboy Morning Show! The ladies even took turns sitting on Santa’s lap to tell him just how nice and or naughty they’ve been. Let’s just say, all these girls have been very naughty … But in a good way!


We also had our Sexy Bartender Heather Storm back in the Mini Mansion to add to our Holiday fun with booze! Heather made Champagne cocktails for us this morning to help us get ready for New Year’s Eve. Here are the recipes in case you missed it …

Cherry Kiss: the perfect combo of sweet and tart

3 cherries
1/2 oz lemon
1/2 oz Maraschino Cherry Liqueur
4 oz champagne
Muddle first 3 ingredients, strain into flute & top with champagne


Lucid Dream:

7 mists of Absinthe

1 oz heavy cream

1 barspoon powdered sugar

1 egg white – shake till thick

Pour over 4 oz champagne w/ lemon twist in glass

Thursday, 12/22/2011

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Gorgeous Playboy Playmate Miss January 2012 Heather Knox called into the show Thursday morning. We learned a lot about our first gal of 2012! For instance we found out that her erogenous zone is in-between her shoulder blades & that her sexual fantasy is to join the Mile High Club! She was once fingered on a plane but wants to go all the way in 2012 in a commercial flight. So attention airline passengers, be on the lookout for our sexy Playmate & don’t let anything get in her way!

Entertainment reporter turned Stand-Up Comedian (thanks to Chelsea Handler) Michael Yo joined us in studio this morning. He told us about his downfall with Playboy Club Bunny Amber Heard and how she asked him if he just came out! HA! Sorry Michael, you could of had the chance to be Amber’s gay best friend if you didn’t tell her you were straight. Maybe, next time! While Michael was still in studio, we took the opportunity to put Jenn on blast since she used to work with Michael at E! We made her get him coffee while Michael told us a few of Jenn’s past dating experiences. Let’s just say they weren’t pretty but they were hilarious! Thanks Michael for the inside info on Jenn!

Wednesday, 12/21/2011

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What a show! We continued our Holiday tradition of going Homo for the Holidays with Playboy Special Edition Model Jessika Alaura. Jessika decided that she would go “homo” to her Aunt Sandy. Jessika came clean to Aunt Sandy saying that she like women a lot better & met the girl who turned her lesbian at a Playboy Casting Call. Best line from our Homo of the Holidays is courtesy of Aunt Sandy when she responded to Jessika’s question about what her mom would think … “Well, your mom likes oral better than anyone.” Classic!

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal from Guns N’ Roses joined us in the Mini Mansion Wednesday for some Trimming Trim fun. Our beautiful Playboy Special Editions Model Tawny Young got naked for us so we could decorate her in Christmas décor! Kevin & Andrea both had a turn in trimming our Playboy Model! “Bumblefoot” judged and couldn’t decide. We think he was distracted by Tawny’s gorgeous body … we don’t blame him!


Tuesday, 12/20/2011

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We had a lot of fun Tuesday morning as we recapped the top news stories of 2011. No, we didn’t make Andrea read them during her “Lowell Down.” Instead, we made our resident Body Artist Justine paint the headlines on 3 HOT girls! Our Bra Breaking News segment this morning was definitely one for the books. Gorgeous Miss Diana’s boobies were painted with the Japan Tsunami, Bed Bugs & Steve Jobs passing. Blond Beauty JacQue’s boobies captured the end of the War, our Troops coming home & of course JaRon’s fish “Cat” who just passed away. Sexy Sara’s boobies held the headlines that marked the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, the Royal Wedding, the Runaway Bride & Occupy Wall Street. Six boobies & 10 headlines equals … A M A Z I N G!



While Justine was painting on boobies, we chatted with Josh Max from Discovery’s Velocity Network, CARnivores.  What a job! He gets to drive HOT cars and when he gets tired of one car he goes out and picks up another.

Playboy Morning Show’s Hugh Hef-ty’s Holiday Sack Giveaway 2011

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It’s ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ & we’re making it even better with your chance to WIN everything (yes, everything) from Hugh Hef-ty’s Holiday Sack!

If you’ve listened since Turkey Day, then you know what we’re talking about! Continue to listen to The Playboy Morning Show all this week to qualify for all our Playboy Approved Holiday Prizes!

Featured on page 131 in Playboy’s December Holiday Gift Guide …  Black Blum “Flow” Wine Rack!

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Playboy Approved Think Geek Vibroy Vibration Speaker!

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Featured on’s Guide to Gift Giving for your Girlfriend … Corkcicle!

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Found on page 52 in Playboy’s December Issue … Bittercube Bitters!

Monday Car…Toon-Up!

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Give us your best caption for THIS cartoon…

…and win a selection of Bittercube Bitters, featured on pg. 52 in the December 2011 issue of Playboy magazine…

…AND a Scotch Whisky Glass, also featured in the magazine. SCORE!