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81 Responses to “NEW CAR…TOON-UP!!”

  1. sorry dear we ran out of milk and cookies

  2. I’m so glad we ran out of cookies!

  3. John Howard Says:

    Thank you ms clauses for letting sana cum one more time. Your welcome I have to go I have busness to take care of. Have fun.

  4. “Santa just told me I’ve been naughty this year”

  5. (husband says) When did your ass get hairy and grow legs?

  6. Face sitting…the ultimate bribe for naughty girls!

  7. I thought it was you dressed up for the kids

  8. “Damn it Andrea! Not everyone wearing red is trying to turn you on!’

  9. Well u have always wondered how we afford the presents!

  10. Hey santa, you could have at least coverd your sack…

  11. I thought it was ok, he only cums once a year.

  12. Money doesnt grow on trees, and i want a new car!

  13. Jason Robinson Says:

    Well, he asked what I wanted for christmas!

  14. “ummm ….Santa hit his head coming down the chimney and the mouth to mouth method wasn’t working?”

  15. Gina says ‘Watch Honey, I’m gonna give Santa A Blumpkin for Christmas!”

  16. Say hello to my LITTLE friend.

  17. Your present is in the bag. Now grab it quick while i got this guy covered. Hurry dear he’s fighting me.

  18. Santa wanted my cookies instead..

  19. Smiley eline Says:

    Hi baby, I am trying to get off of the naughty list

  20. Andrea your such a hoe hoe hoe

  21. Randy Weidman Says:

    Come on honey, it is better to give then to recieve

  22. “All I wanted for Christmas was an orgasm.”

  23. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    (Written Andrea 1st person) “Santa Said I was nice. When I finish this blumpkin and ride his Candy cane he will realize he was wrong.”

  24. Andy minks Says:

    We were all out of cookies

  25. Julio Cuadra Says:

    he wanted me to try on my present i just havn’t opened it yet

  26. its ok dear. i just fucked rudolph

  27. Honey he said I would get the whole sac of gifts if I did this! You understand right?

  28. Watch out Santa, last time I checked that milk was sour

  29. Dad I said I was playing Santa this year

  30. Robert McNeill IV Says:

    It’s not what you think baby. I’m just tying to give him milk from my cookie.

  31. Robert McNeill IV Says:

    You think this is bad remembe last year when I said I blew some bucks……

  32. For God sakes honey! How many times to do i have to tell you his last name is Kringle not fucking Kegel!

  33. Listen to this man honey, he keeps on telling me to go,go,go. husband: no… i thinkwhat he is trying to say is that you are a ho, ho, ho.

  34. Oh hi honey! Guess what…. Santa found where I hid the Mistletoe….

  35. Wife: hey honey, how was your day at work? husband: good, and yours? wife: still working.

  36. Hi honey, thanx so much for this Santa vibrator. It’s more life like than I expected.

  37. Merry Christmas honey, you said you wanted a threesome….

  38. Santa that’s not a chimney!!!!

  39. “I saw mommy riding santa clause…”
    (ung to “i saw mommy kissing santa clause.”)

  40. Drew scheetz Says:

    HO HO HO and a bottle of rum should of stayed home and got me some

  41. Nick Daniels Says:

    Honey, I’m glad you’re home. We’re trying to reenact “The Human Centipede”. You can be the tail.

  42. nick brown Says:

    Honey, all i want for Christmas is a…Divorce!

  43. Kevin is king Says:

    How could you? We’re Jewish!!!!

  44. I told you Santa is real!

  45. Santa has a little taiste for the naughty list this year

  46. Hey, just what I wanted for Christmas, a divorce!

  47. Hey honey, just giving Santa his milk and cookies.

  48. Oh my god woman I’ve told you before, our comforter should not match the wallpaper

  49. “Andrea, The salvation army wants you to give cash not ass! “

  50. What the Fuck?! look at this mess!

  51. Santa said he was tired of milk and cookies so I gave him some pie.

  52. Joe in Florida Says:

    Now I know what they mean when they say “Ho Ho Ho Santas coming”

  53. The Bareback Avenger Says:

    KEVVVIIIN!!! Santa wanted Oriental food, so I’m feeding him “cream of sum Yong Guy”……..aka the Koreans jizz.

  54. Thank you sweetie. That new mistletoe belly button ring was such a thoughtful gift.

  55. I saw Santa kissing mommy underneath the Camel Toe..
    …… Parody of I saw Mommy kissing Santa..

  56. Michael Babs Says:

    “I thought you said ‘Give him milk and NOOKIE’!”

  57. Michael Babs Says:

    He said this works better than sitting on his lap!

  58. Man “how did he get in?”
    Woman “He cummed down the my dirty soot pipe!”

  59. Hi dear santa is checking my weight so he knows what to give me

  60. chris hernandez Says:

    Cookie then milked.

  61. I told you a million times to take your god dam boots off at the door!!!!

  62. Hi daddy!! He said i was on his naughty list, so he said this was the best way to get me off. And he was right.

  63. He called me a ho ho ho and i didn’t want to call santa a liar. So i sat on his face you would have done the same thing dear.

  64. Hun, You told me he wasn’t real.

  65. Husband: “There better be something really fucking great in that bag for me!!”

  66. Why am I sitting on his face? Because he CAME early this year!

  67. JP Johnson Says:

    No No No, how many times do i have to tell you, whole milk and cookies, not breast milk and pie

  68. Jim from Traverse City, MI Says:

    See Virginia, I told you there was a Santa Claus.

  69. That’d better be Santa’s face you’re sitting on, because if your bush is that big and white, I want a divorce.

  70. I told you hunny that i still believe in santa

  71. Honey when your done can i have a turn with santa………….hmmmm i love his sack


  73. He said his nose was cold!

  74. I’m just trying to quiet him up so we, ummm, he doesn’t wake up the neighbors

  75. Andrea says to the Korean “He did didn’t listen when I told him my puss tasted sweeter than those cookies”.

  76. quick honey call the cops while i hold him down

  77. 52 inch plasma here i cum

  78. Look’s like It’s a Wonderful Life for all, but hubby.

  79. The tradition is a kiss on the lips if you walk under the mistletoe together…I was just following the tradition.

  80. He said if I got all the soot out of his beard I could have first pick from the bag.

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