Monday, 12/05/2011

Happy Monday everyone! We kicked off your week on a “high” note with a Weekly Chronicle. We talked to Steve DeAngelo from Discovery Channel’s newest reality show “Weed Wars.” Steve is the Executive Director of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA. They treat over 94,000 patients making them the largest retailer in the entire world! His center houses 250 different items and offer care packages for those with low-income. You can even volunteer for an hour and receive weed as payment! The Harborside Health Center is great for patients seeking treatment and realize they can be shut down at any time since they are operating in defiance under Federal Law. Talk about always looking over your shoulder. If arrested, Steve could face the death penalty!

Want to live and play in the sheets of blonde beauty, Pamela Anderson? Well, here’s your chance. Pam is renting out her Malibu 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath, rooftop deck, sauna with pool home to anyone who wants it. This is why …

“I’m traveling so much these days and am enjoying a lot more time in my native Canada with my family… I’m finally willing to share my masterpiece–what I’ve co-created with a handful of green architects and designers/inspired by my favorite architect Lautner- this is my humble stab at perfection…it’s a magical spot… ”
– Pamela

So if you do by chance rent Pam’s house for a week, month or year, give us a call so we can crash!

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