Wednesday, 12/07/2011

This morning we chatted with Playboy Cyber Girl Dani Dior! She talked about her love for nipples … all types of nipples to be exact. She loves them so much that she tends to play with her own while in public. Not only has this sexy Cyber Girl had sex in the stairwell of her old apartment building but had a threesome with 2 girls in a hot tub in the middle of winter. Three naked girls, snow and a hot tub … now that’s what we’re talking about!

Playboy Contributing Editor Stephen Rebello called in this morning to talk about one of the most badass and iconic film characters in history … Tony Montana!!! Stephen shared with us his knowledge of what took place before, during and after the making of Scarface. His article in Playboy’s December issue (pg 64) makes you want to watch Scarface all over again.

One Response to “Wednesday, 12/07/2011”

  1. I was highly disappointed with Andrea and Michael on the morning show for the prank they aired “Coming Out For The Holidays”. It showed a total lack of compassion and understanding of what is involved with coming out as a GLTB (gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual). To make a joke and mock someone coming out showed total ignorance on their part.

    Many teen kids commit suicide everyday because they can not come to terms with their sexuality let alone confide in a family member about it.

    To have your host laughing while coaxing one of the playmates with a prank of a playmate telling her cousin she is gay and in love with another woman on the air was not funny at all. Un-be-known the cousin confided in her that she might be gay. Mean while in the background Michael and Andrea laughed and joked about it. Why do they choose to mock someone with such a sensitive issue?

    Mike and Andrea really need to get in touch with reality and realize that as radio hosts they can do alot of damage by pulling such stunts. To me it showed their ignorance and reeked of homophobia. I ask Playboy radio to look into and correct this.

    A long time listener..

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