Tuesday, 12/13/2011

VH1 Mob Wives Renee Graziano and Drita D’avanzo stopped by the Mini Mansion this morning. Trust us you don’t want to mess with these girls, especially Drita. She is a trained fighter who has the talent to go pro! Oh and when it came to dating Renee, her dad sure put the fear of God into each guy that came over to take his little girl out. So FYI, if you’re ever escorted into the “Animal Room” be prepared to be intimidated! On a sexy note, both ladies wouldn’t mind being in the pages of Playboy. Not only for themselves but for bragging rights! So … hint, hint Hef!


Sexy Playboy Special Editions model Kali Ann took a break from her legal secretary job this morning to chat with us. She proves Kevin’s “Kleinspiracy” right that bad news is always better when a Hot Chick is delivering it. Now Kali does like the bad boys but bad boys without a criminal record! This Playboy Model is the perfect combination of sweet and innocent who likes to take control. *wink* *wink* Kali also shared with us a bad girl moment she did when she had sex in the back seat of a car while her sister was driving! We’re definitely holding a spot for her in March Badness!

We continued our morning with Knights of Mayhem pro jouster, Charlie Andrews in studio! After we talked to him on the phone last time, we knew we just had to meet him. So we decided to greet him with Playboy Models Marie Garbell & Nikita! With two Playboy Models and a professional jouster we just had to combine the two by setting up a Clam Jousting match. Marie & Nikita had to pop balloons going crotch to crotch! It was HOT! Check out the video … HERE!!!


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