Wednesday, 12/14/2011

What a lovely day it was in the Mini Mansion this morning as we had another beautiful Playboy Model go Homo for the Holidays! Playboy Golf Girl Erica DuFour  joined us in studio so she could call her brother about a “lesbian” relationship she had with a past roommate. During her Homo for the Holidays call, the tables turned on her as her brother put her on blast about the types of guys she dates (uh hmmm … athletes … professional athletes). In the end, she came clean and her brother loves her no matter what!


Comedian Dean Delray came in studio to chat with us! He will be performing at the Laugh Factory for a night of Heavy Mental. After chatting with him about coke, comedy and girls we allowed him to stick around and watch HOT Playboy Models play Know It or Show It.


Gorgeous Playboy Golf Girl Erica also stayed on the Mini Mansion premises to play with us along side Playboy Live Model Miss Bodhi! It was a good day all around especially when the girls started to remove their clothes!


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