Thursday, 12/15/2011

Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week, Brett Rossi, checked in with us this morning. It’s been awhile since we had Brett on the show, we missed her! We can officially say we knew her before her Playboy fame.  She’s been doing big things since we last saw her, so big that she caught the attention of A-List celebrity Jeremy Piven. Apparently, Jeremy Piven didn’t do so well impressing Brett. She walked out on their date after he left her at his house alone to go hit on another girl. Good thing she has her best friend to help her through the tough times. It’s always nice when you can meet you best girlfriend after having sex with them!

The HOT girls continued as gorgeous Playboy December Cover Girl Leeann Tweeden called in to chat with us about her sexy naked pictures. This is the second time Leeann is on the cover of Playboy but it’s the FIRST time she is fully nude in the pages of Playboy. We LOVE it! We found out that her naked pictures were taken illegally! Her photo shoot was shot in Malibu on a public beach so she had to be quick in taking of her clothes to snap her pictures. Thankfully the photographer was able to capture Leeann without clothes before the lifeguard on duty tried to break up the shoot. Good thing she didn’t need help getting her nipples hard since the water was freezing cold.

Comedian and Playboy Morning Show favorite, Michael Kosta joined us in the Mini Mansion. He was making us laugh all morning! We were able to get him to confess to having a girlfriend in Canada and admitted that Skype Sex was difficult. All we can say is keep trying Kosta, practice makes perfect. We just hope he can fit it into his busy schedule seeing how he’s performing at the Comedy Store in La Jolla, California then he’s off to Kalamazoo, Michigan for his big performance on New Year’s Eve. Oh and he even has a show in development for Comedy Central. Don’t forget about us little people, Kosta!

Hollywood SEXIEST Matchmaker Olivia Alexander joined Michael Kosta in studio to chat with us about her new venture with the Oxygen Network. Olivia helps people find love in all the right ways … Like talking to your ex’s so she can get to know the real you and helps you to Dick Detox after your break up. Catch her new show on Oxygen LOVE SCOUTS next Tuesday night! Be sure to watch because the more viewers her show gets, the more you get to see Olivia!


4 Responses to “Thursday, 12/15/2011”

  1. Hey, You didn’t mention Sofia Love!! I really like her on the show. I hope that 1) your update the entry and 2) make her a regular on the show

  2. How can you forget miss sofia love. Best part of the show on 12/15/11.

  3. @Fred. You’re right. What’s with that? Its one of the main reasons I listened. Bring on more Sofia!

  4. chrisfromfla Says:

    Love the show, verry loyal listener but W.T.F. Why is there no mention of Miss Sofia love. Come on! She’s got a shoot 01/09/12 for play boy! She has one of the best segments on the show. Keep her comming back, and don’t forget to show her some love on the blog! And every one loves her mystery box.

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