Monday Car…Toon-Up!

Give us your best caption for THIS cartoon…

…and win a selection of Bittercube Bitters, featured on pg. 52 in the December 2011 issue of Playboy magazine…

…AND a Scotch Whisky Glass, also featured in the magazine. SCORE!

78 Responses to “Monday Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. hay Santa is playing with my gift that’s not fair

  2. hope she don’t leave a wet spot i am next

  3. “Fuck the gifts, I’m not doin that! !”

  4. wounder if Santa is giving her a candy cane

  5. I guess we have to talk to Santa the same way we talk to Father Jim

  6. Tommy your mom must want a pony for christmas.

  7. I know you only cum once a year so let’s make it worth it Santa!

  8. “I’d hit that”
    “Say yes to crack!”
    “she’s doing it wrong”
    “u can go next”

  9. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    “Wow Johnny my mom just paid Santa Cash for my picture”

  10. yeah, thats why i get really good gifts from santa.

  11. Moms gonna get us everything we want this year!

  12. Sis always wanted to go to the North Pole

  13. Hi I’m Gina and I’m naughty, but i need a new Light Saber.

  14. Tell your mom about it and youll have a great xmas too.

  15. You give me what I want, and I will give you what you want!

  16. ryandunlopski Says:

    And here I thought the best way to get presents was in “reverse cowgirl”!!

  17. Slut makes the naughty list every year!

  18. I want HIS job when I grow up….

  19. All he said was “on Vixon”!

  20. “this is really gonna hurt, i forgot my stocking for him to stuff too!”

  21. I didnt know the mall hired jerry sandusky im out of here!

  22. Looks like Santa is “coming” early this year.

  23. John Swalley Says:

    “If that’s what I have to do to get on the “GOOD LIST”… I’m out!!!!”

  24. Looks like Aunt Gina had a bit too much egg nog today

  25. My mom really loves a man in uniform.

  26. Finally someone gave Santa his gift.

  27. Did you see how fast Santa open his box for Christmas.

  28. John Swalley Says:

    Well…. This won’t take long. Look how fast he gets around the world!

  29. “Goddamnit!” That is not frankincense all over that fat basterd suit.

  30. “If that”s what we have to do to get on the “GOOD LIST”… I’m out”

  31. “this wont take long, look how fast he delivers around the world”

  32. I hope she relizes soon that is coach sandusky and he don’t girls like that……….

  33. Hey doesn’t your sister know that is your grandpa at his second job?

  34. Kevie I told you if Cookie Monster dressed like Santa we could get Andrea to sit on his lap.

  35. hey how did your mom get ahead of us

  36. Michael Babs Says:

    And they complain when kids pee on his suit!

  37. Mom’s helping me get moved to the ‘nice’ list…

    Mom’s showing Santa what he got her last year for xmas…

    I can’t tell…who’s making the extra holiday cash?

  38. My dad is gonna be pissed when he finds out how mom got me that skateboard!

  39. joe dutton Says:

    see, I told you my dad was santa

  40. ” I’m going to ask Santa for the same thing he’s getting now for Christmas. “

  41. ” This’s must be the line to get Hugh’s Hef-ty sack. “

  42. See, this is how you get Santa to give you all your items from your Christmas list, Timmy.

  43. Kevin says,”See Gerand, I told you Santa could get you another fish for Christmas, He’s giving Gina his Trouser Trout right now!”

  44. A red rider? You’ll shoot your eye out, chick!

  45. Now that’s my kind of laptop!!

  46. I think he’s getting ready to tap that ass.

  47. ” Man, I don’t know what’s better? Christmas or ass cleabage?”

  48. “….and thats why my dad gave me the xbox. After I get a big screen plasma from this guy I’ll sell you her phone number for $50 bucks.”

  49. ” I hate sitting on santas lap after aunt Gina. “

  50. “why does she get to go first?”

  51. ” Hey, quick, give me a quarter. I want to drop it down that slot!”

  52. “Go run and find a puppy pad. I ain’t going next and sitting in that mess.”

  53. (sniff,sniff) Was that you?

  54. Now I know why my gifts smell like pussy!

  55. Mom loves coming to see Santa every year and sit on his lap, but she doesn’t know that Santa is our creepy neighbor that watches her get undressed every night.

  56. She is not on his naughty or nice list but he is on her to do list

  57. Reminds me of sitting on Santa Sandusky’s lap.

  58. Hey shane that really is the meaning of the phrase “ho ho ho”

  59. Your mom was not jokeing when she said she was goin to get you off the nauty list!!!

  60. Hey dougie, Check out the red headed slut. It looks like she likes it when Santa puts it in her butt. Reminds me of that one xmas song…. Gina the Red Headed Slut.

  61. Mommy does what it takes to get me the hottest toys every year!!!

  62. joe dutton Says:

    that’s going to be a hard act to follow

  63. I call bullshit on him only coming once a year!!!

  64. And THATS how they get what they want!

  65. She’ really busting her her ass to get the gift she wants!

  66. Where’s the other two “Ho’s” he asked for?

  67. see….santas already got my christmas present

  68. joe dutton Says:

    if she kills him we’re fucked

  69. …all Santa said was HO HO HO, and sham there she was.

  70. “Uh-oh she is on the list I just heard him call her a nuaghty little girl!”

  71. Randy Coffman Says:

    “I bet she gets to put her hands on his sack”

  72. Randy Coffman Says:

    “OH GREAT!” “I bet Santa will have an empty sack after she is done”

  73. ” Ok now I am confused, Sants just said it’s really nice when she acts really naughty?!”

  74. Santa asked if she was naughty or nice this year, she offered to show him. I am not going to jack-off again if he asks me!

  75. I remember this from penn state football camp but why is a girl on Jerry’s lap?

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