Friday, 12/23/2011

It was a very festive morning as we celebrated the Holidays with our lovely RadioMatesMiss February Sherra Michelle, Miss March Kaya Danielle, Miss June Brenda Leanne, Miss August Eva Marie & our newest RadioMate Miss December Krystle Lina! Now we get to put Krystle’s beauty in front of the camera … YEAH!

To make our show truly a Holiday Show, SANTA joined us to have some fun! Our RadioMates played our annual game of Mistletoe or Camel Toe while Santa, Andrea & Kevin got to take a peak in each girl’s panties and decide which girl was hiding Mistletoe. Another one of our great holiday traditions on The Playboy Morning Show! The ladies even took turns sitting on Santa’s lap to tell him just how nice and or naughty they’ve been. Let’s just say, all these girls have been very naughty … But in a good way!


We also had our Sexy Bartender Heather Storm back in the Mini Mansion to add to our Holiday fun with booze! Heather made Champagne cocktails for us this morning to help us get ready for New Year’s Eve. Here are the recipes in case you missed it …

Cherry Kiss: the perfect combo of sweet and tart

3 cherries
1/2 oz lemon
1/2 oz Maraschino Cherry Liqueur
4 oz champagne
Muddle first 3 ingredients, strain into flute & top with champagne


Lucid Dream:

7 mists of Absinthe

1 oz heavy cream

1 barspoon powdered sugar

1 egg white – shake till thick

Pour over 4 oz champagne w/ lemon twist in glass

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