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Tuesday, 01/31/2012

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Playboy Playmate Miss January 2010 Jaime Faith Edmondson checked in with us this morning to give us an Indianapolis Update for the Big Game & the Big Playboy Party happening this Friday night. Be sure to listen in to Playboy Radio Friday night as Jaime broadcasts LIVE with fellow Playmate Pilar Lastra at the Playboy Party in Indy!

We were so excited this morning as it was the return of Skin To Win! Our beautiful Playboy Models Hazel Lee, Cody Renee & Bodhi LaVey joined us in the Mini Mansion to flash us. We asked the questions & these lovely ladies had to flash us an answer with a body part. And, none of the answers was going to be arm or leg.

Monday, 01/30/2012

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Exciting day here in the Mini Mansion as we made our Playboy TV debut this morning! To help launch us into your TV was sexy Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week, Jillian Sheen! The brunette beauty likes to be dominated in bed & will occasionally use a vibrator during sex. She gave us a new Sex Myth for us to bust about women being more orgasmic while wearing socks. Hmmm guess we’ll just have to test that out! Oh and don’t worry guys, even though she doesn’t like giving bj’s she’s all for substituting them for another girl to join in! Turn ON!

We premiered our POWER HOUR on Playboy TV with Comedy’s Central’s Keegan Michael-Key & Jordan Peele in the Mini Mansion to help coach our Playboy Models in a little game we like to call … Punt, Pass & Tits! Before our gorgeous girls walked in studio, we found out that Keegan’s nickname used to be “Keagal.” Since Jordan wasn’t a 100% sure what keagals were, Andrea gave a very detailed explanation of the exercise.

Now onto Punt, Pass & Tits! Representing the New York Giants was the gorgeous Jamie Lynne & representing the New England Patriots was the sexy Megan Curry! These lovely ladies tested out their football “a-jiggle-y” with challenges like Tittie Pass & Catch, Erotic Touchdown Dance & Hike & Dike. Both girls did extremely well but in the end it was the NY Giants represented by Jamie Lynne who won with a last minute Panty Field Goal!

New Car…Toon-Up!

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Happy Playboy TV launch week!

Here’s a cartoon to get you started. If you give us the best caption, we’ll send you something cool. Good luck!

Friday, 01/27/2012

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We ended our week with the sexiest girl of the Jersey Shore cast, Sammi “Sweetheart!” Her new perfume Dangerous definitely represents her feisty side. The hottest thing about her perfume is that when she sprays it on herself, she walks through a mist of it while NAKED! Turn on!

In honor of Demi Moore’s recent hospitalization from whippets, we decided to see what all the fuss was about as we played “Demi Moore Gas!” The rules were simple, Kevin & Andrea watched a clip of a Demi Moore movie, sucked down a balloon of whippets and the first one to finish their balloon first, had the opportunity to name the Demi Movie. Got it? Andrea was first off the balloon every time! Now, we do not endorse doing this at all! This was more of a PSA for everyone to NOT do whippets! Oh and did we mention, Andrea got TOPLESS while playing … you’re welcome!

Thursday, 01/26/2012

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Playboy Playmate Heather Rae Young called in this morning to chat with us about everything she has going on. She’s doing big things! Check her out on The Brake Room on You Tube’s GT Channel & Playboy.Com in the Key Club. But that’s not all we chatted about. Heather was telling us that she recently had a five-some! That’s right a FIVEsome! Oh and be careful she’s a biter and wouldn’t mind doing a little more than just hang out with Andrea!

Our beautiful December RadioMate and resident photographer Krystle Lina joined us in the Mini Mansion for her RadioMate Photo Shoot with the infamous Irregular ED! Before Irregular Ed got behind the camera, Krystle shared a little Vegas story with us that surprised us. Apparently, her and our little Britney (who is a regular on our show) got it on after a nice steak dinner and a couple of drinks! They took a page from the Andrea Lowell Handbook & TRIBBED each other! Talk about HOT!

After we all calmed down from the titillating Vegas story, we put Irregular Ed to work and had him start our RadioMate photo shoot! His directions to Krystle on how to pose was priceless. It doesn’t get any better than Irregular Ed’s commentary!


Wednesday, 01/25/2012

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Today marked the return of … AMERICAN DILDO! This season on American Dildo we will have hot gorgeous girls after hot gorgeous girls on the line to compete with their vibrators to see which girl’s B.O.B (battery operated boyfriend) can “sing” the best. This week’s theme … Country! To kick off the competition, sexy Erica went vibrator-to-vibrator against beauty Britta! Erica’s B.O.B “Fun Size” started her little guy off strong with deep vibrations as Britta’s “Fun Toy” sent fast gentle vibrations through the phone line. We are looking for your help to name today’s American Dildo winner so they can move on to the next round. Call our voicemail line at (323) 405-PBMS / (323) 405-7627 and cast your vote!


Introducing to you our newest segment on The Playboy Morning Show … MAKIN’ BACON! Some would consider this a term for sex while others just know the term simply as “making bacon.” Kevin will bring to you the latest in great bacon food creations while Andrea will bring you the latest sex inventions. Today, Kevin brought to the table VooDoo Maple Bacon Ale by Rogue! Sorry guys, there are no bacon bits in the beer, though Kevin may have add some. President of Rogue Ale, Brett Joyce chatted with us to give us more insight on this fantastic bacon beer. It is a delicious combination of the famous VooDoo Maple Bar & Applewood Bacon with a 6% alcohol volume. Now, that’s what we call a beer!

After Kevin shared his “Makin’ Bacon,” Andrea revealed to us her sex invention! Introducing the Fleshlight iPad Case that you can have SEX with! This is perfect for long distance couples or couples with traveling partners, at least for the men. It’s simple, when you are facetiming with your girlfriend, you can have her position her torso, head or her backside to line up with the Fleshlight so you can visualize having sex with her! Genius!

We welcomed married couple, comedians Ralphie May & Lahna Turner into the Mini Mansion! While catching up with the couple, Ralphie told us that he came close to death recently. We couldn’t believe that his doctors gave him a 20 to 30 percent chance of LIVING! We’re so glad he’s ok. Especially since we had him play a game with us this morning! We had Ralphie & Lahna go up against Kevin & Andrea to see “Are Kevin & Andrea MORE Married than a Real Married Couple?” After a series of questions, we came to find out that Kevin & Andrea know just as much as Ralphie & Lahna!

Tuesday, 01/24/2012

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This morning was full of laughs & sexiness! With our listener’s help, we had you call in to “out Playboy … Playboy” with our Party Joke REMIX!!!! Here are some of the jokes that we, our listeners and Gina, re-captioned in an attempt to make us laugh. Let’s just say everyone gets an A for effort!

Party Joke #1: What should a woman say to man she just had sex with?

Party Joke #2: What do a folding chair and a hooker have in common?

Party Joke #3: Is a vagina better than an off the rack suit?

Party Joke #4: Why did the lesbian cut short her trip to China?

Now on to the sexiest part of our morning! We brought in two incredibly hot Playboy Models, Raquel Robin & Karly May, to test out a Sex Myth. In the current Playboy (on newsstands now … hint hint) Raw Data stated “A study has shown that humans can endure pain for 40 seconds longer when they’re allowed to swear” so we put it to the test! We wanted to know if sexual pain feels better the girls cursed or if they held it in. Since Raquel was wearing a pink bra & Karly wore a purple bra we named our “guinea-bunnies” Subject Pink & Subject Purple … for scientific purposes of course.

Test #1: Hair Pulling

Test #2: Spanking

Test #3: Nipple Pinching

Test #4: Hot Wax

Results: Both girls walked away more aroused than in pain. Success!

Monday, 01/23/2012

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As we count down to our TV début on PlayboyTV (we’re a week away people) we started out week off by “traveling” across the pond to chat with Playboy Special Edition Model Gracie Lewis. She informed us that she’s obsessed with keeping her skin nice and soft with, get this, Baby Oil! Turn ON! Since we’re gambling people, well at least Kevin is, we wanted to gamble on our British Beauty’s sex life. We betted on when Gracie lost her virginity and how. Her answer … She was 18 & the boy she was with immediately put her in doggy! We’re guessing that’s why doggy is her favorite position.

This week’s Weekly Chronicle featured 661 Medical from Antelope Valley, California for their new strain of “Blue Ivy.” Manager of 661 Medical, Kasey, chatted with us about the latest press they’ve been getting for naming weed after Jay-Z & Beyonce’s bundle of joy. Nothing makes a parent prouder than for weed to be named after their child. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who reached out to 661 Medical for an “in-depth” interview. ABC Dateline also was trying to score a one on one interview! Who knew, we were on the same page as Dateline!

Comedian Sam Tripoli joined us in the Mini Mansion this morning. We put him on the spot as we had him chime in on Merkins making a comeback & on Andrea’s Lowell Down. Thankfully the owner of Completely Bare Spa was on the line to break down the new Merkin craze. Cindy told us that it’s become very popular to dress up girl’s lady parts with fox fur & feathers! We’ll see how long this trend lasts! According to Sam, not very long!


New Car…Toon-Up!

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Happy Monday! Here’s a brand new cartoon. Give us your best caption and win some cool Playboy-approved swag!

Friday, 01/20/2012

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Today we chatted with Break-Up Professional, Jonathan Kiekbusch. That’s right … If you’re looking to end your relationship with your “worse half,” call this guy he’ll do it for you! (For a small fee, of course.) Jonathan takes the hassle out of “the talk” and will explain to your “worse half” why the relationship is ending. After listening to just how soothing his British accent was when pretending to dump Andrea, you would think it would help him to be the voice of reason but we think the girl is still going to be pissed. Well, we can’t deny that Jonathan was great at breaking up so we had him call our boss & break-up with him! Jonathan left our boss a “kind” voicemail. Now, we wait and see how our boss handles our decision to end our relationship!

Introducing our newest & sexiest game … NO STRINGS ATTACHED! We tied gorgeous bikini girls, Samantha & Georgia together bikini string to bikini string, back to back and had to work as a team to answer several trivia questions. A question wrong meant the girls had to step away from each other & a question right allowed the girls to take a step back towards each other. The farther away the girls got from one another, the looser their bikini’s got! Check out this video we took in the Mini Mansion … it’s HOT!