New Year Car…Toon-Up!

HAPPY 2012!

Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, featured in the pages of Playboy magazine. We’ll pick the best one and send the winner some cool, Hef-approved swag. Good luck!

31 Responses to “New Year Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. Mark Malinowski Says:

    “Look all you want–I think I’d know if your class ring came off there!

  2. 5..4..3..2..1…Happy Eatting!!

  3. Marty Potter Says:

    This is one midnight kiss she won’t soon forget!

  4. (she says) zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Is the Viagra working yet?

  5. Hurry… I want to orgasm at exactly at midnight!! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1…..

  6. Robert McNeill Says:

    Hurry up stash the Korean is wanting a new years kiss

  7. It’s after midnight. You’ve technically been eating me out for two years now and the “cork still hasn’t popped”. Let’s resolve to get a vibrator…

  8. If you can finish my “party favor” by midnight, I’ll make sure to pop your cork 😉

  9. Cary Thompson Says:

    “How long is this New Years Resolution diet going to last?”

  10. andrea sayin’ oooh kevin I wanna b your future ex

  11. Drew Scheetz Says:

    This aint where I parked my car

  12. hurry up I have to DJ the final countdown!

  13. Hurry up so I can see your balls drop!!!

  14. Tell me when the clock strikes midnight and I’m going to try to tickle your pussy with my party whistle.

  15. nick brown Says:

    Hope the 2013 cums faster!

  16. Chris Franco Says:

    DAMN,,, 10 minutes into 2012! So much for that resolution!

  17. I need to get five more in before midnight! Are you passed out?

  18. 5 minutes to midnight, I gotta find my husband!!

  19. Be still, the Paramedics should be here any minute to unhook your nose ring from my IUD.

  20. Can we finish this quickly; I’d rather watch the ball drop then wait for yours to?

  21. nick brown Says:

    Hope 2013 cums faster!

  22. 3,2,1 Breath. Now keep going another 30 seconds.

  23. O.k. times up. Next!!!!!

  24. Almost have your new Andrea Lowellcator installed. Congratulations!!!

  25. Dave Ernay Says:

    Seacrest, don’t you have to introduce Justin Bieber now?

  26. Ok, you are almost ready for two in the pink and one in the stink!!!!!!!!!

  27. Dam! It took youa a long time to think of that.

  28. No wonder I am a lesbian this guy has no idea wat he is doing………..2012 and I am with him

  29. I can’t believe all those party favors were in there!

  30. winchester73 Says:

    Help, I have fallen and can’t get up!!!!!!

  31. “I’m telling you baby new year is not in there”

  32. Dave Ernay Says:

    Ryan you better finish soon; Jenny McCarthy says she wants to kiss me when the ball drops!

  33. Cool….! I can hear the ocean when I put my ear on it.

  34. Minutes into the new year, and fucked up my new years resolution, cheating on My husband..dam didn’t last long…

  35. Baaaaaarffff.

  36. Are you sure your a real doctor? This exam is taking a lot longer than my last one

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