Tuesday, 01/03/2012

Today we came to the aid of Playboy Model Megan Dills and self-described “die-hard Kentucky fan” after we found out that she was injured after the Kentucky vs. Indiana College Basketball game. When Indiana fans rushed the court after a three-point buzzer beater to defeat Kentucky, poor Megan was trampled on resulting in a sprained ankle & torn tendons forcing her to cancel a sexy lingerie photo shoot. Now we’re not picking sides but come on people, if there is a HOT girl cheering on her team … enjoy the view! We checked on Megan to make sure she is getting better. She told us, while wearing a white t-shirt without panties, that her injuries are healing & will be rescheduling her sexy photo shoot soon. YEAH! It’s a good thing her sex life wasn’t harmed and she can go back to enjoying four wheeler sex!

We got adventurous with Luke Tipple from SharkDiver.com to tell us all about the thrill and excitement of diving with sharks! This guy is no joke … he’s been diving since he was a teenager, spends 3 months out of the year diving with Great White Sharks and 2 months diving with Tiger Sharks. BADASS! Oh and gentlemen, his Australian Accent really got Andrea going during the interview, so if you want to turn Andrea on, you better have a really great Aussie Accent!

Playboy Special Edition Model Raquel Reese kept our water theme going this morning as she called us from her bathtub! Since it was 9 degrees this morning in Wisconsin, where she was, she decided to get warm by jumping into a nice hot bubble bath. We learned that she loves to play with herself while in the tub! Raquel also told us that her sexual specialty is oral and was told she was too HOT for her past job as a Funeral Director Apprentice. We agree!

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