Wednesday, 01/04/2012

Today we chatted with The Dog Whisperer,  Cesar Millan! He filled us in on what we can expect to see this coming season. For example, he helps a couple’s dog learn not to attack the man while the couple is trying to have sex! The problem got so bad, the couple had to hire a dog walker to get the dog out of the house so they can do the deed. So much for spontaneity! Cesar also told us that he taped an episode at the Playboy Mansion and worked with Hef’s dogs. Apparently, Cesar was very distracted that day because of the Playmates. Good thing he was able to compose himself, at least we think he was.

Sexy Playboy Models, Desiree Claire & Miss Bodhi joined us in the Mini Mansion for some Trampoline Trivia fun! The two girls competed against each other to see who knew more than the other. So as the girls took off their tops & bounced up & down on our in studio trampoline, we asked them 5 general questions. Since the girls tied, we had them get on the trampoline together for a Bumper Boobs Tie Breaker! Trust us … Bumper Boobs is the best way to break a tie. Desiree was the winner but realistically we all were winners!


P.S. … The lucky guys in the picture above are our dedicated Military Men who stopped by & took advantage of our Military Open Door policy! Thank you boys for your service!

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