Friday, 01/06/2012

Our week ended with more thrills and excitement as we talked to the World’s Most Dangerous Publisher, Peder Lund from Paladin Press! This guy is responsible for books like … The Ultimate Sniper and The History of Sniping and Sharpshooting, Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors, Homemade C-4: A Recipe for Survival, Be Your Own Undertaker: How to Dispose of a Dead Body, The Poor Man’s James Bond and Silencers for Hand Firearms.


Peder’s publication of The Ultimate Sniper, has made the most money and in his opinion has the best information. The book Hit Man, however, it’s surrounded by controversy involving a 3 year lawsuit that settled for 6 million big ones. Though most of his books are controversial, his publishing company Paladin Press receive a lot of mail from Military, police, FBI and other government branches thanking them for their publications.

The badass moments kept coming this morning as we chatted with Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys” Paul Bedard & Jimmy Riffle. Because of their dangerous job, both Paul & Jimmy have been bitten several times. We’re sure you probably expected that. Paul & Jimmy gave us a great tip for when you find yourself in any “gator” situations … DON’T run in a Zig Zag pattern! Good to know!

Funny guy Tom Papa called in this morning! His special “Tom Papa: Live in New York City” debuts on Comedy Central this Sunday at 10PM ET/PT. He was hysterical this morning so we recommend you WATCH IT!

Gorgeous girl Michaela joined us in the Mini Mansion this morning to be the first to try out our HOT SEAT! Literally, we had this sexy model sit in a chair that got hotter and hotter while it vibrated as we questioned her about her sexual past! It was amazing! We learned that she had sex in a in a bathroom at a Yoga Studio while a class was in session, she bungee jumped topless once and was constantly having her boobs grabbed in her sorority house by her sisters.


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