Wednesday, 01/11/2012

Straight from the Playboy Casting Call and back in the Mini Mansion this morning! Sexy Playboy Cyber Girl Ashley Zeitler called in on our Hot Chick Hot Line while lying in her bad in just her bra & panties! Check out her sexy pictures on the Cyber Club. You’ll never think that this was her first Playboy Photo Shoot. Some fun facts about Ashley: She’s obsessed with Bubble Baths, loves wearing teeny tiny daisy duke shorts & her fantasy is to have sex on the beach! We also learned that she made a LEZ-olution when she turned 19 to be with a woman & that she already fulfilled her LEZ-olution! Turn ON! The Details … Ashley put out the word that she was looking for another woman to “play” with & one of her Hooters co-workers was a willing participant. As they snuggled up together in bed in just their panties, hands started to roam and things got hot & heavy between the sheets!

Continued our Cars of the Year Week with the Range Rover Evoque! Sean from Jaguar/Land Rover Seattle chatted with us to give us all the inside info on this very HOT vehicle. This gorgeous car comes in packages like “pure,” “dynamic” & “prestige.” The one featured on page 90 of Playboy’s Jan/Feb issue is a very cool “Colima Lime!”

The T&A Team was called to action this morning to defend a HOT 18-year-old High School Senior, Sydney Spies! Sydney submitted a sexy Senior Picture to be published and her High School Yearbook Committee & was denied. And that’s were we come in … Kevin & Andrea called up the High School Yearbook Faculty Advisor to see if they could help Sydney’s case. End result … to put in AD in the yearbook on her behalf. We may just take the Faculty Advisor up on that! Now to come up with $300! We’re guessing it was Sydney’s “Fuck Me Eyes” in her pictures that got them rejected. We have a feeling we may see Sydney in the pages of Playboy, fingers crossed!


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