This Week’s Car…Toon-Up!

Better late than never, folks!

Give us your best caption for the following cartoon, found on pg. 101 of the January/February 2012 issue of Playboy


…and if yours is the best, we’ll send you some cool stuff! We swear.

35 Responses to “This Week’s Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. Chad Brannen Says:

    Before you get mad, didn’t you tell me to try new things before you left?

  2. Every morning at Kevin’s place

  3. AH! Honey, you scared me…we’ve been waiting for you!

  4. honey! did you forget our play date again ?

  5. “Honey I swear, it’s A prize I won from The Playboy Morning Show !, Look – Ginas on my lap, Jens on the floor and Andrea even dyed her hair for this !”

  6. And you’ll sit on this finger…

  7. Nick Tingey Says:

    Its about time you get here. Obviouslly, we started without you!

  8. Honey, smell my finger…

  9. Hey you said you wouldn’t be home until Monday.

  10. Kevin is king Says:

    Quick, close the door honey, your killing my boner.

  11. Kevin is king Says:

    Look what I got us at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

  12. I’m trying out for the new series of TLC’s “Sister Wives” – come on – join in!

  13. You said anything I need to relieve my stress……

  14. your going to have to wait your turn

  15. Drew scheetz Says:

    Honey dont worry I these,are our old bed sheets

  16. Al "The Cluckster" Says:

    Honey, there’s a perfect explanation for this, and if you give me a few minutes I’ll come up with it!

  17. wait wait!!!……aw hell i’ve got nothing

  18. I thought you said she would be blonde

  19. I told u I wasn’t done yet!!

  20. Baby I think we should talk

  21. Honey, I was just getting some discipline in my life, like you said!!

  22. Close the Door Bitch, I’m Busy!!!!

  23. Hey… Charlie asked me to babysit……his angels..

  24. Hey, I told you to call before you left the office.

  25. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh”……Another girl!”…….


  27. There’s my butt plug. You should always ask me before your borrow it !!

  28. Oops…forgot to tell you that your sorority sisters called to say they are in town and wanted to see you tonight.

  29. ” I spend all that money on a week end spa getaway with champagne,flowers, and chocolate. Then you come home early!! How dare you?!! How, dare, you!!”

  30. Wait, wait! It’s not what you think! Unless you’re thinking I’m having a foursome with these hot chicks,

  31. Well, you had a headache.

  32. Well, even this didn’t work. I must have Erectile Dysfunction honey!!

  33. Dustin Summers Says:

    Ohh my is that i one legged hooker?

  34. Ummm… I was looking for my contact lens?

  35. Honey, the note on the garage door clearly stated “no clothing allowed”!

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