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Thursday, 01/12/2012

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Thursday morning, actor Dermot Mulroney checked in with us to talk about his new film “The Grey.” Lucky Kevin was able to score an advance screening of the movie so he of course was bragging about how we all had to see it but couldn’t till January 27th. Dermot was telling us that they didn’t film the scenes on sound stages but actually filmed the scenes in real snow & 40 degree weather! Talk about badass!


We welcomed Celebrity Trainer Osmin into the Mini Mansion from Operation Osmin on NuvoTV. This guy is crazy! So crazy that he pretended to be mentally unstable to avoid being a soldier in the Cuban Military. Osmin came to the U.S. on a raft and has now made it as a celebrity trainer. He’s trained the best of the best and is known for perfecting bodies. His sex tips: wear a snorkel during sex! Now, we’re not too sure about his sex tips but he did stick around to show a couple Hooters girls how to tighten up their already nice asses!

Hooters Hotties, Afton Storton & Victoria Brown came in studio to talk about the Hooters Dream Girl competition show that airs this Saturday on SPEED TV. Victoria is the reigning 2011 Hooters Dream Girl and is helping Afton gain votes to be Hooters Dream Girl 2012. Be sure to watch as 16 gorgeous Hooters girls take on challenges in Aruba all while wearing their bikinis!