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Friday, 01/13/2012

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To jump-start our Friday, we chatted with gorgeous Playboy Co-Ed Chloe Emerson! This blonde cutie blew us away with her stories of giving her first blow job at 15, how she’s always the one making out with her girlfriends & how much she loves playing “Truth or Dare!” Her most recent & exciting dare was for her to find a guy, get in the 69 position & try to unzip his pants with just her mouth. Turn ON!

After getting all hot & bothered with our sexy co-ed, fitness goddess & infomercial queen Forbes Riley joined us in the Mini Mansion to give us a live Nymphomercial Demonstration of the Spin Gym! This thing is amazing! Not only did Andrea try the Spin Gym, Andrea went TOPLESS while trying the Spin Gym. Apparently, that was a first for Forbes and we all enjoyed every moment of Andrea’s boobs flexing up & down. ¬†Forbes even had Kevin try out the Spin Gym! The video is HYSTERICAL … Check it out here! Thankfully, he kept his clothes on.