This Week’s Car…Toon-Up!

You know the drill. Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, which is featured in the current issue of Playboy magazine. GO!

35 Responses to “This Week’s Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. Crouse Master Says:

    ‘Korean’- Pack everything Gina! Andreas got this one!

  2. Mom I already told you that the carpet matches the curtains. I don’t need you to make me another set.

  3. You took my husband, I am not going to let you take those fucking shoes too!

  4. Neil Giordano Says:

    There is a reason you are known as the future ex

  5. Id wherr the red ones theyll match your hair..

  6. I told you I’m afraid to be alone….

  7. Gina Says: Romeo, Romeo,,,,,, wherefore art though Romeo/Light Saber????

  8. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    “Gina I don’t think now is a good time to look at wardrobe for your next play”

  9. I told u jenna fire croacth is so out of style even your boyfriend is tired of u

  10. john howard Says:

    MOM, i’ll give you your toys back later

  11. Gina, I know you like anal, but I still can’t believe you don’t pack lube…especially when you know you’re vacationing with your cousin. My girlfriends are waiting.

  12. “Hon , could you do me one last favor and leave your Superwoman thong? She looks great in it.”

  13. Gina, does you mom have to attend EVERY performance you do??

  14. chris hernandez Says:

    Sodomy and Juliet. A love story gone tragic, tragically anal. One sodomizer, two rectums, one none-theater associated rectum. By Gina ” Back Door Whore” Yates. Coming repetitively on dicks in asses this fall on broadway.

  15. Excuse me, I think you just folded and packed my dress.

  16. “You said to make your sister feel at home!”

  17. New 2012 model
    In with the new! out with the old!

  18. Homo for the holidays Red, holidays over now and i need the real thing.

  19. I take it your moms into s&m as well huh?

  20. Kevin is king Says:

    That’s not what i meant by “pull out.”

  21. “I can’t believe he stood you up Gina, maybe Jaron really did go Homo for the Holidays”

  22. nick brown Says:

    Darlene! Where is the STRAP ON!!!???

  23. See i told you i had a twin

  24. Honey !! It’s not my fault. It was dark and I thought it was YOU!!!

  25. Do you guys want to switch places, I’m about to come…

  26. Lady packing “did you get everything?”
    Man “I told you I packed everything! What you don’t trust me?”

  27. shane riddle Says:

    “Mom, I know I said I was going to get packed tonight, but I didn’t mean my luggage.”

  28. Don’t be mad at me. I never said I was jewish.

  29. This new-fangled ‘Euro’ style B&B was YOUR idea…

  30. I said i wanted an open marriage. I hope you won’t hold this against me if I ever run for President.

  31. That’s what you get for not reading the label you dumb ass

  32. Honey, could you do that somewhere else? We’re running out of room over here.

  33. nick brown Says:

    WHO WON!??

  34. Fletch Andrews Says:

    When you said we should have sex more often, you should’ve been more specific !

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