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Tuesday, 01/17/2012

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After a “much-needed” day off Monday, we came back to a Mini Mansion full of girls for Andrea’s Birthday! We celebrated Andrea’s birthday with some birthday spankings, Bra Breaking “Andrea” News and ‘Pin a Finger on Andrea’s Erogenous Zones’. First up to give the birthday girl a spanking, was Joelle Carter from FX’s “Justified”. Her job isn’t just to be sexy on-screen, they actually make her get down n’ dirty in fight scenes & with the star of the show Timothy Olyphant. During one of her scenes, she was shot in the boob & when her squib pack (aka a blood pack) exploded it hurt her boob! Hopefully, they take better precaution next time & protect Joelle’s perfect chest. On another note, when she’s called to do a make out scene with Timothy she tells her husband a little white lie … Timothy has bad breath! The girls on the show don’t blame Joelle one bit!

Our resident Body Painter, Justine, joined in on our Andrea Birthday fun as she got the chance to draw the biggest & best “Andrea” headlines on model Mandii! The top headlines that made the cut … Driving off a cliff, Med School, Playboy, Corona Hand Job & the Salt Shaker! Andrea News never looked so good!

As a Birthday SURPRISE for Andrea, celebrity DJ, DJ Steve Aoki called in to wish a very special Happy Birthday to Andrea!

To continue the Birthday Festivities, Playboy Models Jamie Madison & Sydney Barlette entered the Mini Mansion for a fun game of ‘Pin a Finger on Andrea’s Erogenous Zones’! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? We blindfolded Andrea & our models, spun our models around and had them go finger first towards Andrea’s topless body.