Wednesday, 01/18/2012

Wednesday was a jammed pack day! We first spoke to a 36-year-old VIRGIN who’s fathered 14 kids! How you may ask? Well, it’s obvious … He’s a frequent “donator.” Apparently, he gives his donations free of cost and does it for the pure satisfaction of providing life. Hmmm … Interesting!

Sexy Playboy Special Edition Model Laya LeOwn checked in with us this morning! We learned that there is more to grooming your lady parts then just waxing, shaving or lazering. There’s also … Vajazzling! Vajazzling is when little crystals that are delicately placed on the area after girls are groomed. By the looks of Laya & her mystery friend in the picture below, it’s a GREAT idea! So great that the thought of Laya getting vajazzaled while her friend watched and Laya watching her friend get vajazzled, was turning her on!


Today, we had the privilege of calling one lucky girl, who we met at the Orange County Playboy Casting Call last week, to give her some good news that she was picked to be a PLAYBOY MODEL! Kinzie definitely stood out to everyone at the casting call, especially her photographer who told her she had the best boobs for the day! Kinizie was on her way to work when we broke the news to her and was beyond ecstatic! She definitely went from regular HOT girl to Playboy HOT model! Welcome to the Playboy family Kinzie!


3 Responses to “Wednesday, 01/18/2012”

  1. Awesome news… she is so pretty… Good luck Kinzie…

  2. You rock it merkelite! Beautiful!

  3. cant wait to buy your magazine, A++

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