Friday, 01/20/2012

Today we chatted with Break-Up Professional, Jonathan Kiekbusch. That’s right … If you’re looking to end your relationship with your “worse half,” call this guy he’ll do it for you! (For a small fee, of course.) Jonathan takes the hassle out of “the talk” and will explain to your “worse half” why the relationship is ending. After listening to just how soothing his British accent was when pretending to dump Andrea, you would think it would help him to be the voice of reason but we think the girl is still going to be pissed. Well, we can’t deny that Jonathan was great at breaking up so we had him call our boss & break-up with him! Jonathan left our boss a “kind” voicemail. Now, we wait and see how our boss handles our decision to end our relationship!

Introducing our newest & sexiest game … NO STRINGS ATTACHED! We tied gorgeous bikini girls, Samantha & Georgia together bikini string to bikini string, back to back and had to work as a team to answer several trivia questions. A question wrong meant the girls had to step away from each other & a question right allowed the girls to take a step back towards each other. The farther away the girls got from one another, the looser their bikini’s got! Check out this video we took in the Mini Mansion … it’s HOT!



One Response to “Friday, 01/20/2012”

  1. Hi this is Dj Dave Bean,from Buffalo,N.Y. And i was wondering if Kevin Klein and Andrea Lowell,would do a ”DROP” for me. And if so how much? Heres exactly what i would need said.- Hi this is Kevin Klein and this is Andrea Lowell from playboy radio, and now playboy t.v. And your in the mix with Dj Dave Bean. (Andrea) you cant get any bigger. end P.S. I love the hot women….i mean the show. lol thanks David Rogers.

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