Monday, 01/23/2012

As we count down to our TV début on PlayboyTV (we’re a week away people) we started out week off by “traveling” across the pond to chat with Playboy Special Edition Model Gracie Lewis. She informed us that she’s obsessed with keeping her skin nice and soft with, get this, Baby Oil! Turn ON! Since we’re gambling people, well at least Kevin is, we wanted to gamble on our British Beauty’s sex life. We betted on when Gracie lost her virginity and how. Her answer … She was 18 & the boy she was with immediately put her in doggy! We’re guessing that’s why doggy is her favorite position.

This week’s Weekly Chronicle featured 661 Medical from Antelope Valley, California for their new strain of “Blue Ivy.” Manager of 661 Medical, Kasey, chatted with us about the latest press they’ve been getting for naming weed after Jay-Z & Beyonce’s bundle of joy. Nothing makes a parent prouder than for weed to be named after their child. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who reached out to 661 Medical for an “in-depth” interview. ABC Dateline also was trying to score a one on one interview! Who knew, we were on the same page as Dateline!

Comedian Sam Tripoli joined us in the Mini Mansion this morning. We put him on the spot as we had him chime in on Merkins making a comeback & on Andrea’s Lowell Down. Thankfully the owner of Completely Bare Spa was on the line to break down the new Merkin craze. Cindy told us that it’s become very popular to dress up girl’s lady parts with fox fur & feathers! We’ll see how long this trend lasts! According to Sam, not very long!


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