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Tuesday, 01/24/2012

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This morning was full of laughs & sexiness! With our listener’s help, we had you call in to “out Playboy … Playboy” with our Party Joke REMIX!!!! Here are some of the jokes that we, our listeners and Gina, re-captioned in an attempt to make us laugh. Let’s just say everyone gets an A for effort!

Party Joke #1: What should a woman say to man she just had sex with?

Party Joke #2: What do a folding chair and a hooker have in common?

Party Joke #3: Is a vagina better than an off the rack suit?

Party Joke #4: Why did the lesbian cut short her trip to China?

Now on to the sexiest part of our morning! We brought in two incredibly hot Playboy Models, Raquel Robin & Karly May, to test out a Sex Myth. In the current Playboy (on newsstands now … hint hint) Raw Data stated “A study has shown that humans can endure pain for 40 seconds longer when they’re allowed to swear” so we put it to the test! We wanted to know if sexual pain feels better the girls cursed or if they held it in. Since Raquel was wearing a pink bra & Karly wore a purple bra we named our “guinea-bunnies” Subject Pink & Subject Purple … for scientific purposes of course.

Test #1: Hair Pulling

Test #2: Spanking

Test #3: Nipple Pinching

Test #4: Hot Wax

Results: Both girls walked away more aroused than in pain. Success!