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Wednesday, 01/25/2012

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Today marked the return of … AMERICAN DILDO! This season on American Dildo we will have hot gorgeous girls after hot gorgeous girls on the line to compete with their vibrators to see which girl’s B.O.B (battery operated boyfriend) can “sing” the best. This week’s theme … Country! To kick off the competition, sexy Erica went vibrator-to-vibrator against beauty Britta! Erica’s B.O.B “Fun Size” started her little guy off strong with deep vibrations as Britta’s “Fun Toy” sent fast gentle vibrations through the phone line. We are looking for your help to name today’s American Dildo winner so they can move on to the next round. Call our voicemail line at (323) 405-PBMS / (323) 405-7627 and cast your vote!


Introducing to you our newest segment on The Playboy Morning Show … MAKIN’ BACON! Some would consider this a term for sex while others just know the term simply as “making bacon.” Kevin will bring to you the latest in great bacon food creations while Andrea will bring you the latest sex inventions. Today, Kevin brought to the table VooDoo Maple Bacon Ale by Rogue! Sorry guys, there are no bacon bits in the beer, though Kevin may have add some. President of Rogue Ale, Brett Joyce chatted with us to give us more insight on this fantastic bacon beer. It is a delicious combination of the famous VooDoo Maple Bar & Applewood Bacon with a 6% alcohol volume. Now, that’s what we call a beer!

After Kevin shared his “Makin’ Bacon,” Andrea revealed to us her sex invention! Introducing the Fleshlight iPad Case that you can have SEX with! This is perfect for long distance couples or couples with traveling partners, at least for the men. It’s simple, when you are facetiming with your girlfriend, you can have her position her torso, head or her backside to line up with the Fleshlight so you can visualize having sex with her! Genius!

We welcomed married couple, comedians Ralphie May & Lahna Turner into the Mini Mansion! While catching up with the couple, Ralphie told us that he came close to death recently. We couldn’t believe that his doctors gave him a 20 to 30 percent chance of LIVING! We’re so glad he’s ok. Especially since we had him play a game with us this morning! We had Ralphie & Lahna go up against Kevin & Andrea to see “Are Kevin & Andrea MORE Married than a Real Married Couple?” After a series of questions, we came to find out that Kevin & Andrea know just as much as Ralphie & Lahna!