Thursday, 01/26/2012

Playboy Playmate Heather Rae Young called in this morning to chat with us about everything she has going on. She’s doing big things! Check her out on The Brake Room on You Tube’s GT Channel & Playboy.Com in the Key Club. But that’s not all we chatted about. Heather was telling us that she recently had a five-some! That’s right a FIVEsome! Oh and be careful she’s a biter and wouldn’t mind doing a little more than just hang out with Andrea!

Our beautiful December RadioMate and resident photographer Krystle Lina joined us in the Mini Mansion for her RadioMate Photo Shoot with the infamous Irregular ED! Before Irregular Ed got behind the camera, Krystle shared a little Vegas story with us that surprised us. Apparently, her and our little Britney (who is a regular on our show) got it on after a nice steak dinner and a couple of drinks! They took a page from the Andrea Lowell Handbook & TRIBBED each other! Talk about HOT!

After we all calmed down from the titillating Vegas story, we put Irregular Ed to work and had him start our RadioMate photo shoot! His directions to Krystle on how to pose was priceless. It doesn’t get any better than Irregular Ed’s commentary!


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