Friday, 01/27/2012

We ended our week with the sexiest girl of the Jersey Shore cast, Sammi “Sweetheart!” Her new perfume Dangerous definitely represents her feisty side. The hottest thing about her perfume is that when she sprays it on herself, she walks through a mist of it while NAKED! Turn on!

In honor of Demi Moore’s recent hospitalization from whippets, we decided to see what all the fuss was about as we played “Demi Moore Gas!” The rules were simple, Kevin & Andrea watched a clip of a Demi Moore movie, sucked down a balloon of whippets and the first one to finish their balloon first, had the opportunity to name the Demi Movie. Got it? Andrea was first off the balloon every time! Now, we do not endorse doing this at all! This was more of a PSA for everyone to NOT do whippets! Oh and did we mention, Andrea got TOPLESS while playing … you’re welcome!

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