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Wednesday 2/29/12

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This morning began with Kevin and Andrea making the big announcement that Playboy is heading to the BIG 10 Conference for their next “Girls Of…” issue. Kevin said that if you have any school spirit at all, “it is your duty to make sure your college is well represented by the best of the female body.” Kevin and Andrea reminisced about the last time they traveled to the schools of the BIG 10, when The Playboy Morning Show went to Michigan, Ohio, and “Tennessee?” (according to Andrea).

Playboy’s resident imbiber, Dan Dunn, called us on his way to the filming of his new FOX TV show Living Loaded, based on the columns he’s written for Playboy over the years. He promised that Kevin and Andrea would get roles in the show if it gets picked up, but Kevin was more interested in talking to cast member Donald Sutherland about trying to convince his son, Kiefer, to bring 24 back to TV. Dan then invited Andrea to meet him, and the cast for drinks after, but Andrea said she can’t because “Rum makes me blow people.” (She’s actually just going to The Lakers game).

Dan on set with co-writer/producer Rob McElhenney

$377,000 for a tree-house? Mirrorcube will build a high-end house in your backyard complete with queen-size bed, bathroom, and a “pimped out rope ladder.” Featured in the current March Playboy (pg. 20), these high-end tree forts are currently part of the Tree Hotel in Sweden, but can be custom built for anyone.

Super Pubes: Andrea noticed during her underwear update that her laser hair removal was really working, except for 3 pubes that just won’t go away. Kevin dubbed them Super Pubes, and decided that they should create a super hero based on this pubic power. Her enemies would be Ra-zor, and Hot Wax.

After getting some advice from the Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe, on everything from illegal Viagra to women’s underwear, we kicked off another exciting Playboy Party Joke Remix… REMIX!

The Jokes included…

-Why do men love women in leather? 

-How is a thong like a barbed wire fence?

-What is the punishment for bigamy?

-How should the receptionist at a sperm bank say good-bye to clients?


In honor of Leap Day, little comedian Brad Williams leaped into the mini-mansion in a frog suit. He said that little people have great opportunity to dress like leprechauns and cupid, but not a lot of frog opportunities, so he was grateful.

Jaron presented his final “Great Moment in Black History” by bringing in “one of the greatest black performers of all time.” Turns out, he was right. Gary L. Gray, aka The Jumbaco Guy from the Jack in The Box commercials, surprised us all and sat in as a lifeline for a Leap Day round of Know It or Show It.

Tierra Lee, Chelsea Brook, and Jenny Rae came in for some naked leap-frog, topless trampolining, and a reverse round of KIoSI, where they had to earn their clothing back. Not much clothing was earned, and after being called “the greatest show on TV” by numerous callers, the ladies saluted Leap Day 2012 by jumping naked on the trampoline.

See you again on Feb 29th, 2016!

Tuesday 2/28/12

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This morning began with a discussion about Paris Hilton’s new Techno song called Drunk Texts. We decided it was easy to record our own techno song reading drunk texts off of Andrea’s phone. Our song was an instant hit – or at least as good as Paris’s song…

(Techno bed) Call me back bitch. Where you at? We drinking tonight? hello? slut. call me. need airport ride. Running Late. ASAP. Save your load for me.

This song will not be available on i-tunes.

After making our own drunk text techno songs, we chatted with Scott Alexander about all things gadgets. From a cell phone convention in Spain to a guy who ordered a 55 Gallon drum of lube. Andrea said she wouldn’t have sex in the barrel of lube because “I like to feel the friction.” Kevin said that sex in a bucket of lube would “feel great” and “we should order one for the studio.”

Leap Day is tomorrow, and Kevin and Andrea still can’t believe that it’s not a bigger deal. It only happens once every 4 years and no one has anything special planned. Kevin and Andrea made suggestions for ways people should celebrate. Kevin Suggested 4Somes for everyone since it’s only every 4 years. Andrea liked the idea of a whole day dedicated to 4Play. Kevin thought that would lead to a “Great Semen Flood on March 1st.” Andrea got horny by that thought. We did hear about a restaurant in the UK that lets women propose to their men on Feb 29th, by ordering a 7oz steak with “will you marry me” branded into it. The BeefEater didn’t seem to know that they even offered this special, and after a rather confusing exchange between Kevin and the call center, we gave up and did the Lowell Down.

The Power Hour:

March Playboy cover model and UFC Ring Girl, Brittney Palmer, came in to talk about her days as a magician assistant in Las Vegas, her butt tattoo, and her love of drawing naked women. We brought in a naked woman and Britney and Andrea had a quick sketch-off.



All that sketching got us hungry, so we met Brian D. Price “The Death Row Chef,” who created a collection of final meals for his book, MEALS TO DIE FOR. After chatting about his 14 years in the slammer, he fed us some bacon sandwiches, and his Old Sparky’s Genuine Convict Chili. As always, we brought in sexy servers Jillisa Lynn and Nikki Oh, who ended up strip searching each other, and then eating prison grub off of their naked bodies.

Monday 2/27/12

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The show began with Kevin recapping his bachelor party at the Playboy Mansion. He brought 10 of his friends up to Hef’s House for the annual masquerade party. Originally thinking that the masks would be a good idea to help hide his identity, he quickly realized that it was very hard to recognize anyone because, “it turns out all hot chicks in only masks and thongs start to look very similar.” After running into Hef, and Hef’s ex-fiance Crystal Harris (Miss December 2011), Kevin and his band of masked friends spent most of the night drinking, and trying to stay out of trouble. Although Kevin was on his best behavior (so he says), he did crash a sexy photo shoot in the game house, and even ran into Playboy Radio’s Jessica Hall. Andrea was a NO-SHOW at The Mansion because she didn’t feel like picking out an outfit and rubbing tanner on herself. Kevin’s friends were bummed that they didn’t meet her. Can you blame them? 

After an exciting round of Good Naked, Bad Naked, JaRon and Gina went head-to-head in a “White-Off” to see which one of them is whiter. It was a close battle with questions including…

1. What does NWA stand for? 

2. What brand/type of mustard do you buy?

3. What is your favorite rap lyric?

4. How many pairs of sneakers do you own?

5. Who let the dogs out?

Although JaRon was far too white, Gina took him down. Gina crying during Meryl Streep’s Oscar win put her over the edge. However, she did accuse JaRon of going “ape-shit” during the win for The Help


We met Lauren, a hot 19-year-old Australian who came by to audition to be our Filthy Forecaster. Her audition was sexy, and she told us about the freckle next to her nipple that makes her feel special. 

After the 5-Day-Filthy-Forecast, comedian Steve Wilson (who will be on Tosh.0 tomorrow night), came by to join us for some Sex Mythbusters. We tackled the myth that you can correctly predict a women’s personality based on her type of booty. We ran our models Jennifer, Danielle and Lauren through a series of tests – like bouncing quarters off of their butts, etc. (Very scientific).  Definitely hot, although Andrea did leave a few marks on Jennifer’s terrific tush.

In the END, we concluded that nice asses rule! We also had an Ass-Off just for fun. The End.

Monday Car…Toon-Up!

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You know the drill – give us your best caption for the cartoon below and win something Hef-approved!

Good luck!

Thursday 2/23/12

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We started the morning off with – what else? – BOOBS! Sheyla Hershey has the largest breasts in the world, a whopping 38KKK! She says her super-sized funbags SAVED HER LIFE recently when she got into a car accident and her airbags didn’t deploy. Score another one for boobs! Although it can’t be easy driving while that enhanced. Sheyla also assured us that, even though her breasts are KKK, they aren’t racist.

To celebrate the NBA All-Star Game this weekend, Katrina, Christina and Destiny stopped by for a Topless Slam Dunk contest! Andrea walked them through some sexy warm-up exercises, such as “tits to the ceiling!” VERY HOT. In the competition, the girls earned points for their freestyle technique, girl-on-girl action – there was even a blindfold challenge! In the end, Kristina took it down. But, as usual, we ALL won.  

(We’re getting a new camera, we swear.)
And we checked in with Naomi Wilzig, owner and curator of the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach, which is featured in Playboy’s March 2012 issue. Naomi began collecting erotic art when her son asked her to find a “conversation piece” for his new home. Soon, she began finding them for herself. Naomi’s collection now sits on more than 12,000 square feet of museum space, and is the largest in America. One of her favorite pieces? A very unique four-poster bed.
Be sure to check out their gift shop for some cool items!

Wednesday 2/22/12

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We caught Lin-Fever this morning! But before we get to all the Linsanity that happened, we talked to actor Ken Marino from the film Wanderlust. Not only is he in the movie with Paul Rudd & a naked Jennifer Aniston, he wrote the screen play for it! We think his writing was a ploy just to get Jen Aniston naked. We couldn’t be happier!

Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli called in this morning to talk crap about her fellow contestants on Celebrity Apprentice! She told us that out of all the contestants she would most likely get it on with Dee Snyder, Penn Gillette is a lot sexier in person and Cheryl Tiegs has a great camel toe. We’ll just take her word on Dee & Penn. While chatting with Lisa, we gave her the Playmate treatment and “Pick Six-ed” her. Here’s what we found out … (1) Her fantasy is “two black men no waiting” (2) She loves “granny panties” (3) Her last orgasm was two weeks ago with “herself” (4) Her erogenous zone is “her vagina” (5) She hasn’t been with anyone famous (6) Her pubic hair styling … “African style big and bushy.”  HA! We love it when she gets all sarcastic and sassy with us!

We let the Linning begin as we brought in 3 gorgeous gals, Shayna, Laura & Chelsea, into the Mini Mansion for a chance to win a sports massage with NBA superstar “Jeremy Lin!” Each girl was eager to show off their “cleavlage” to him! After the girls tossed their tops at “Jeremy,” he had the opportunity to ask the girls a few questions to see just how well they knew him. Let’s just say they weren’t completely sure who Jeremy Lin was. In the end, “Jeremy Lin” couldn’t decide between the girls and gave two girls a massage!

Tuesday, 02/21/2012

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It was a fun-filled Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday in the Mini Mansion! To kick off our festivities this morning we checked in with former Bunny, Suzanne live from New Orleans. She was one of the original gals that hosted the gentlemen at the Playboy Club in New Orleans when it was open. She told us that one of her best nights, was when the club experienced their first Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street. The club was on lock down due to people stumbling into the club because of overcrowding in the streets. Throughout the night, Suzanne along with her fellow brunettes, blondes & redheads crowded on the balcony overlooking the street and began to toss Playboy souvenirs to the people. Talk about being at the right place at the right time! Sounds like it was a good time to be in New Orleans!

Have you ever wanted to join the Mile High Club? Come and take a flight with Flamingo Air! Owner, Dave MacDonald chatted with us this morning about his very discreet Fantasy Flight package that allows you to wine and dine your lady with champagne, chocolates & a nice comfy mattress! So go get it on in the air!

Our Mardi Gras fun & games continued with Brody Stevens joining us in studio along with HOT models Sarah and the Howe Twins Carla & Mellissa! Brody played commentator as the girls played Minute to Skin It. Each girl had to do certain tasks in a minute or less to earn beads. Our tasks … Multiple Inputs / Hula Hoes / Spit or Swallow / Ants in my Panties!