Wednesday, 02/01/2012

What a day today was! Round 2 of AMERICAN DILDO took place this morning as Playboy Live Model Ashlee Nicole & Playboy Special Edition Model Lexi Ray put their vibrators to the test! To the theme of METAL, each girl took a turn holding their intimate sex toy to the phone to send its vibrations through the phone. Of course we can’t decide which toy out vibrated which so call our voicemail line at (323) 405-PBMS / (323) 405-7627 or tweet us @PBMorningShow to cast your vote!

Super gorgeous Playboy Cover Girl Leeann Tweeden joined us in studio this morning to show us her Lingerie Collection by Elegant Moments! Now, what’s lingerie without a hot girl modeling it for you … just lingerie! So luckily for you, we brought in sexy models Caitlin O’Connor, Kady Green and Lauren Volker to show you just how great Leeann’s Lingerie Line is.

Playboy Playmate Sasha Bonilova also joined us this morning to campaign for the Playmate of the Year. Our members of the press … Leeann Tweeden, Caitlin O’Connor, Kady Green, Lauren Volker, Kevin & Andrea … all took turns asking questions to PMOY candidate Sasha in our Playmate Press Conference. Sasha did very well as our members of the press asked the hard hitting questions like … How did she find out about Playboy in the Ukraine? And what kind of pubic hair trend would she like to start if she becomes PMOY?

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