Monday, 02/06/2012

Since we all were coming off a Super Bowl Hangover, things this morning got interesting. After hearing about Kevin’s boring Super Bowl party at his place and listening to Andrea’s Super Bowl Sexcapade at the Playboy Mansion, things were definitely looking up for us! Pick up artist, Neil Strauss checked in to tell us about his new game that could help you out when meeting a girl or two or many! His game Who’s Got Gamecan be taken with you anywhere. Well, maybe not the board but you can take the cards with you. The cards have certain actions and sayings on them that could help you get lucky!

We kicked off our Weather Girl auditions this morning with the super sexy JacQue! She came in studio to give us her Filthy Five Day Forecast! This blonde bombshell wowed us the second she walked in the door wearing only a bright yellow lace thong. She did a great job of navigating from the weather on the west coast to the east coast and provided a very rousing forecast for the week ahead. Nothing says sunshiny day like a beautiful girl!

After JacQue informed us on the weather, we had CEO/Creator of the Little Rooster Alarm Clock Tony Maggs on the line. Now, this isn’t your regular beeping alarm clock. This little guy vibrates a girl’s lady parts to gradually wake her up with pleasure. Turn ON! To show just how well this alarm clock works, we brought in hot models Regina & Brittany for a Sexy Slumber Party! The alarm clocks were set to go off at different times and when they did … you could definitely tell whose vibrator went off first. Since each device can reach up to a vibration level of 30, Brittany & Regina we’re more than just awake they were awake with pleasure!

One Response to “Monday, 02/06/2012”

  1. Need Lindsey Knight on this show!

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