Tuesday, 02/07/2012

Playboy Hot Housewives Special Edition Cover Model Jessie Shannon joined us on the show this morning for some gambling fun! We all placed our bets on Jessie’s sexual past, present and possible future adventures. Even though we were all losing money, we found out some fantastic things about Jessie! Here’s what we now know … Jessie is currently bare with very little stubble, she had a very heavy make out session with actor Jesse Metcalf, the craziest place she’s had sex was in an airport bathroom, and the best piece of information we found out was that she had a full out orgy with seven girls in a limo!


The super talented & gorgeous Debbie Gibson got comfy on our red couch in the Mini Mansion this morning. By the way, she walked in studio looking amazing without a bra on! Turn ON! Kevin was claiming all morning long that there was a spark between him and Debbie when he met her years ago over a cup of hot chocolate. Debbie said that she remembers Kevin but doesn’t quite remember the hot chocolate. Too bad Kevin didn’t capitalize on the “spark.” When we chatted with Debbie about her role on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice, she told us that she played the game like a guy and wasn’t afraid to call it like it was in the board room. We love a woman in charge! Oh and since we legally couldn’t show Debbie’s Playboy spread from 2005, we made Andrea draw Debbie nude! Not bad Andrea, not bad!

2 Responses to “Tuesday, 02/07/2012”

  1. J.J. GINTNER Says:

    What ever happen to topless Tuesday? Now that we can see the show it would be nice to look at. Tried calling in today to ask but was on hold so long had to hang up and get back to work.

  2. Erick Mariano Says:

    Been checking the show out since it started airing on my cable last week. One complaint. Let’s get some NAKED chicks in the sudio. So far every bit has only been a bunch of girls in either bikinis, lingerie, or topless.

    When one watches T&A based entertainment on something called “PLAYBOY TV” there is the expectation that, at least some of the time, one will see FULLY naked chick segments, not just topless bits.

    If the Stern show can do endless naked chick segments on HTV, certainly something airing on “PLAYBOY TV” can have FULL nudity.

    Let’s see some bits like “Shaved or Unshaved”, or “The world’s Most Perfect Vagina. All were Stern bits, but they offered a reason to get girls FULLY NUDE and show some frontal nudity.

    Come on guys. It’s The Playboy Channel. Let’s see some totally naked segments. Just limiting all the bits to being just toples is really being timid. Did I mention IT’S AIRING ON PLAYBOY TV. Bring on the FULL nudity and let’s see some vagina.

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