Thursday, 02/09/2012

This week keeps getting better & better! We had a Sexy Skype Session with Playboy Playmate Miss December 2007 Sasckya Porto this morning. Sasckya was looking beautiful on skype as she chatted with us without panties! She proved it to us as she gave us a visual Underwear Update.  Turn on! She told us that she’s now an AMERICAN Citizen! She took her Citizenship Test a month ago so we had to give the official Playboy “Welcome to America” salute! And by salute we mean an Andrea Lowell Topless Salute (Kevin was nice enough to hold an American Flag in the background).

We continued our morning with Jon Glaser from Adult Swim’s “Delocated” in the Mini Mansion joined by two gorgeous Playboy Models! Jon helped us judge our “Breast” Test that we conducted to see if having big boobs hinders your driving abilities. Cyber Girl Jade Bryce (D/DD Cup) & Playboy Live model Tricia Evans (C/D Cup) both took turns in our Mini Playboy Car to attempt to Parallel Park. Both ladies did unbelievably well! It seemed as if driving topless actually helped our girls handle our mini car. We definitely thought at least one of them would take down a camera.


Jon felt left out so we let him drive our mini car and challenged him to Parallel Park in between our topless gals! He successfully parked the mini car without damaging our topless Playboy beauties. Well done Jon!

Before are show came to an end, Jade was kind enough to share with us the art of Indian Leg Wrestling! Basically, it’s two people lying on the floor wrestling with just their legs. Of course when you put our spin on it, Indian Leg Wrestling is a very sexy game! Why we haven’t thought of this before, we don’t know! Thanks Jade & Tricia for demonstrating this fun, sexy wrestling game for us topless!

One Response to “Thursday, 02/09/2012”

  1. Erick Mariano Says:

    Didn’t watch the show today yet. DVRd it. Was nice to see some FULLY naked chicks on the show yesterday, not just topless.

    But once the girls were nude the camera dude filmed the girls for most of the remainder of the bit above the waist. When an entire bit builds up to a girl taking her bottom off, getting a shot of the crotch is the “money shot”. Seeing the vagina is the payoff of the bit.

    The camera tried once or twice to get a shot of it, but due to the girl standing at an odd angle wasn’t able to. But after that, the camera just stayed above the waist and never attempted any more crotch shots.


    Very good show, but would be a GREAT show if once the girls are nude we get some shots of the p*ssy. FULL nudity plus crotch shots will guarantee loyal viewers.

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