Friday, 02/10/2012

We ended things off this week with a base jumper, the new brown M&M and two hot girls playing Truth or Bare! Dean Potter from Nat Geo’s “The Man Who Can Fly” checked in with us this morning to talk about his daring venture of free speed climbing. This guy is crazy, so crazy that at times he will actually take residence in a cave! Because of his eccentric lifestyle, Dean doesn’t hook up with many girls so we offered to help him in get in touch with the “Double Rainbow” guy. Since they both live in Yosemite, we figured the “Double Rainbow” guy could hook Dean up with some hotties.

With the reveal of the new sexy Brown M&M during the Super Bowl, we started to wonder how glasses make women look sexier! So, we brought in the cutest optician to help us try on various styles of eyewear to find out which frame turned guys on. Kaileigh Brielle from Eye Candy Optometry was very successful in making Andrea look even sexier as she handed Andrea pair after pair. To make sure our little experiment was “accurate,” Andrea took off her shirt just to see if that would add to the level of sexiness. It did! p.s. Check out Kaileigh’s sweet spot!


Playboy Cyber Girl Jillian Sheen & Playboy Special Editions Model Carrie Lynn joined us in studio for a fun round of Truth or Bare! Each lovely lady gave us several sexually based stories and we had to decide which story belongs to which girl. Keep in mind, that if a girl was picked out for telling the truth she had to take off her clothes & the girl who was able to fool Kevin & Andrea won cash! In the end, both girls lost clothes & walked away with a little extra cash in their pockets!

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