Monday, 02/13/2012

We had another great start to another sexy week this morning! Legendary Conehead and starring in CBS’ “Unforgettable,” Jane Curtin called us this morning to help get our butts in gear. She was telling us the not only did she audition to be in Playboy back in the 60’s she also was on a Hugh Hefner Christmas Card! Now, she never gave Hef permission to use her picture but she didn’t mind! We think that maybe he was making up for not featuring her in Playboy.

Brigette Pailet, a Super Sexy Cookie herself, was nice enough to stop by the Mini Mansion to bring us some Snookies Cookies Valentine’s Themed baskets! Apparently, she’s our neighbor! It’s good to know that we have HOT looking neighbors around our studio. Among the big basket of goodies, Andrea found herself some Candy panties. Of course, she had to try them on! Yummy!


We kicked off our BIG THAW WEEK on the show this morning and traveled (mentally) all the way to Negril, Jamaica to The Caves Resort! General Manager, Jeanine Tribley called in to give us a taste of The Caves and rub in the fact that she’s in warmer weather! We’re jealous! Seriously, take a look at this place & break that cold feeling you’ve been experiencing all winter.



Rock N Roll photographer Rob Shanahan joined us this morning to not only flirt with Andrea but to talk about his new book Volume 1! This guy is a big deal, so big that he is the personal photographer to Ringo Starr. Not to mention, he just got a call to do a shoot for Aerosmith! Rob also shared with us that out of all the musicians he’s photographed, Motley Crue had the best looking groupies.

Another week, another Weather Girl Audition! Weather Girl #2 was our very own RadioMate Miss February 2011 Sherra Michelle. She did a fantastic job warning all our listeners and viewers about the rain that will be coming their way. Sherra was appropriately dressed for her audition as she walked in studio wearing nothing but a black lace booty hugging panty!

After Sherra’s Weather Girl Audition, we had her stick around to be our bachlerotte for our Valentine’s Dry Spell Dating Show! We love Sherra so much that we didn’t want to see her be lonely for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s meet the contestants  … Contestant #1 … Rick from LA! An assistant director for film and TV who finds himself working more than dating! Contestant #2Playboy Special Editions Model Roxanne Dawn! She’s a celebrity DJ who travels & hasn’t been w/ anyone in almost a year! Contestant #3 … Kyle! He’s our heart break contestant. He moved to LA for his fiancé who broke up w/ him just 2 months after his move. Poor guy!

Once we met all our contestants, Sherra asked them a series of questions including one that made each contestant put her in their favorite sexual position.



Unfortunately, Rick was the first to be dismissed …

When all was said and done, Sherra went girl on girl and picked ROXANNE to be her Valentine!

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