Wednesday, 02/15/2012

The next stop for our Big Thaw Week today was The Landings, St. Lucia. Sales Manager for the resort, Angela, took the time to describe the amazing scenery that surrounds The Landings every day, which is basically clear turquoise water. This place is so fantastic that you can give them a grocery list and they will stock your personal pantry before you arrive! They even have a private harbor and Helicopter access. Talk about fancy!



Our December 2011 RadioMate and our Official Playboy Morning Show photographer Krystle Lina joined us this morning to titty pass the RadioMate Mic to our Jebruary RadioMate Tawny Young! It was indeed a booblicious moment. And of course, we gave the girls the RadioMate treatment of doing a sexy photo shoot. Now since Krystle was going to be in front of the camera today, we brought in professional photographer John Graf to do the job!


As the girls were taking off their clothes for the camera, the one and only Rob Schneider joined us this morning. We found out that his life on his show ¡ROB! of being married into a Mexican-American family isn’t too far from his real life. He actually did marry into a Mexican-American family! He was telling us that when he was single he would c-block himself cause he loved being in relationships and when girls would throw themselves at him during his SNL days he just so happened to be with someone.

Since we didn’t want Rob to feel left out of the photo shoot, we had him get behind the camera and be our Celebrity Photographer. Rob did a great job talking the girls through different poses!


One Response to “Wednesday, 02/15/2012”

  1. John Howard Says:

    Rob what a lucky man . you get to sit between two beautiful woman along with take pictures. Plus the fact you stand next to greatnest Andrea Lowell & yes kevin. I love hearing the morning show along with the other shows. Thank you morning show just for being there along with the other shows.

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