Thursday, 02/16/2012

Cyber Girl of the Week Caitlin Lee joined us this morning to put us all in a sexy mood. Especially, after we found out that she’s a lifeguard. Turn on! We’re all pretty confident that her new double D’s look amazing in her one piece bathing suit uniform. We also played a little game with her that made her reveal a secret to us. Kevin & Andrea left the room as Caitlin told listeners about her secret. When Kevin & Andrea came back in studio, they went back and forth asking Caitlin questions to find out her secret. Kevin kept his winning streak alive and guessed that Caitlin’s secret was when she ditched school to audition for Playboy in Chicago on her 18th birthday!

Our next BIG THAW getaway was The Soggy Dollar Bar in the British Virgin Islands! Now, the only way you can get to this bar is by boat. Since there isn’t a docking pier, you will have to get wet and swim up to the white sandy beach before you can relax and enjoy their famous “Painkiller.” If you had one too many “painkillers” you can grab a room at the Sandcastle and crash, that is if there’s vacancy. Apparently, most patrons will swim back to their boats they came to crash or if they’re a local they’ll sleep in their cars.


It was another riveting round of American Dildo as it was the battle of the RadioMates! Our RadioMate Miss January 2011 Kari Nautique faced off against RadioMate Miss October 2011 Megan Medellin. They both brought their A-games as Kari’s vibrator “LiLo” & Megan’s vibrator “hitachi” vibrated its heart out to the 80’s! Both vibrators did what they could over the phone and now it’s up to you to help push your favorite team to the finals. Call our voicemail line at (323) 405-PBMS / (323) 405-7627 or tweet us @PBMorningShow to cast your vote! Phone lines are now open!


Today was the return of Bra Breaking News on the show as our resident Body Artist Justine joined us to paint on the gorgeous Erica DuFour’s big boobied canvas. Today’s headlines were all about paying tribute to Whitney Houston and recognizing Knick’s player Jeremy Lin. Special thanks to comedian Ben Gleib for coming in studio to help us decide which top stories would be painted.


While our body artist finished her masterpiece, we welcomed Dominatrix Mistress Cee and her “damsel” into the Mini Mansion to demonstrate the proper way to tie someone up. Of course, we needed to be informed on things like this as we don’t want anything to go wrong if we decide to take after the couple that got arrested for role-playing on Valentine’s Day. Note to all when tying up your lover, make sure you have scissors handy & please, please make sure you are doing this with consent! We don’t need you all to start tying up just anyone, just the person you love.

One Response to “Thursday, 02/16/2012”

  1. Keep the naked chicks coming.

    Any show where a chick looses the panties and shows the goods is a great show. Visible vagina equals robust ratings.

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