Friday, 02/17/2012

We started things off this morning with CBS correspondent & former “Daily Show” correspondent Mo Rocca! But he didn’t call to chat with us about politics or the news; he called to chat with us about his new special on the Cooking Channel “My Grandmother’s Ravioli.” Don’t hate just yet, this show could actually help you guys out! Mo has no clue how to cook so he’ll be learning with each episode. Now, nothings sexier than a guy who cooks, at least that’s what the girls on the show think, so be sure to watch. Plus, the added line of “it’s my grandmother’s recipe” is another way into her pants we mean heart!

We got another Sex Ed lesson from our Sexy Sex Ed Teacher Miss Sofia Love this morning. Today we covered the art of exhibitionism/sex in public! We learned a lot, even learned that Miss Sofia was speaking from experience as she told us about one of her most recent trysts while at Andrea’s Birthday Party! That’s right, Miss Sofia got a little frisky in the club bathroom with a “friend.” Nice job Miss Sofia, you get the gold star today!

The one and only bootylicious Coco called in this morning to chat with us about all we can look forward to on her show “Ice Loves Coco.” The last time we chatted with Coco she was still in bed with Ice so we had to ask how their sex life was going. She told us their sex life is going strong especially for Ice’s birthday, which was yesterday. Every year she tried to sexually out do herself for her man, so trying to top bringing a strip club to the bedroom proves to be trying at times but Coco is so amazing that she manages to do the sexiest things year after year! Oh and by the way boys and girls, if you were to ever cross paths with Coco and you want to touch her booty, just ask! She is more than happy to say “YES, you may!”

After we all focused again from staring at Coco’s Playboy pictorial from 2008, Cyber Girl of the Year 2008 & Playboy’s Gamer Next Door Jo Garcia joined us in the Mini Mansion. She looked great in her red tank top complete with her PS Vita in hand. Don’t try to catch this HOT gamer slipping guys, because she knows her stuff! If you want to pick her brain about the PS Vita or just want to stare at Jo, catch her on the Vita Hill Social Club Tour! You won’t be disappointed, as she wears these super tight mini dresses without any panties!

To give us an even more in-depth look at the PS Vita, guru gamer Shane Satterfield joined Jo on our couch to show off. The PS Vita apparently has touch screen on both sides, a web browser equipped with a camera. The forward facing camera on the PS Vita makes it easy for Frisky Friday pictures and Jo was happy to demonstrate that for us.


9 Responses to “Friday, 02/17/2012”

  1. Once again another home run. Great show! The segment with Miss Sofia Love was great and funny, hope you all keep her comming back

  2. I continue to love the show!! Miss Sofia Love has been my favorite recurring guest by far. Keep her coming back!

  3. Vivian Hoff Says:

    We always enjoy listening to Ms Love and sex in public is such great fun!

  4. Great job by Sofia! Keep her coming back!

  5. I like the segment of Sofia love,
    Her voice and comments are always right
    I wish she could be on air a little be more

  6. This sex ed is more fun than it was in High School. Keep it coming!

    And I wouldn’t mind crossing paths with Coco…

  7. Always love listening to Miss Sofia, looking forward to hearing more of her soon!

  8. I tuned in to listen to Miss Sofia Love. I think she should be a recurring guest on the show. Also, the rapport between Sofia and Andrea was good and relaxed; I’ll tune in again.

  9. Another wonderful time with miss sofia the sexiest teacher I know. Wish she was on more often to listen to that angelic voice talk about the real stuff 🙂 keep up the work Miss Sofia!!! 😉

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