Here is another cartoon, direct from the pages of Playboy magazine. Give us your best caption!


32 Responses to “Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. “This Playboy golf event is great !, But too bad the girls from the Playboy Morning show have enough sense to know what dressing room to use !

  2. I’d rather you played football son, but I see now why your so excited to be a cheerleader

  3. Sooooooo…..This is heaven?

  4. This two way mirror was a great idea.

  5. “Grandpa, you really need to see your eye doctor again this is the women dressing room”

  6. JR. here is my credit card, go find yourself a sno-cone. I have to talk to these ladies about where the flagpole goes.

  7. Ok you win the bet Larry. You truly are gay for not even looking at the girls

  8. Man, you really pull out all the stops just to win this staring contest.

  9. Golf and naked girls in the locker room. This gives a new meaning to full service club.

  10. Dirtybacon Says:

    I can’t believe that they really think they’re invisible.

  11. See jaron I said if you dressed up like and old fat white guy these girls would not say anything. That’s cool kevin but the blond wig does not make you any less jewish.

  12. Thanks for the tour of the club. This place is incredible. The greens are well manicured, the sand traps are clean and manageable and the clubhouse is nice and relaxing. But I have to tell you, your staff is the part that sold me on joining. They are STACKED with knowledge and are always willing to do anything to give you the most pleasure out of your membership.

  13. marshon williams Says:

    Just wait a few more minutes…the viagra will kick in!!

  14. Membership has its perks.

  15. I figured if I want to play golf like him, I should be like him!

  16. Two generations of Cline–Still clueless..

  17. Now I understand Tiger’s dilemma…

  18. bradley dupuis Says:

    Its not about quantity its about quality! But its always good when you can have both together.

  19. Nick Daniels Says:

    You know, when the country club said they were closing the women’s locker room, I didn’t really care. Now I’m glad they did!!

  20. Josh Schubert Says:

    Gary, I brought in Cindy, Tara, & Jessica from Playboy Golf to help with the various conditions you’ll face on the course. Cindy will help show you how to get your balls out of thick rough. Tara is great at getting out of deep traps with finesse. And Jessica will make sure you hit the ball with firm smooth strokes in wet slippery conditions. Go get ’em, my boy!

  21. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    Now Homer I understand your plan to get Tiger to attend our event.

  22. Do you think they’ll let us play as a fivesome?

  23. Do you think we have time to get another 9 holes in?

  24. There’s no place like home ; there’s no place like home ; there’s no place like home …Oh, but anyway, Toto, we’re home-home ! And this is my room …

  25. There’s no place like home … Oh, but anyway, Toto, we’re home-home ! And this is my room …

  26. (OLD MAN):she is in A? GREEN TOOB she is in A? GREEN TOOB top I see her CLIVILIGE she has a nice CLIVILIGE bare CLIVILGE. (SON):yeah I agree she is in A? GREEN TOOB top I too see her CLIVILGE grandpa you look like & sound like that what is his name Mr. Ed no Dr, Ed oh yeah it is um ugly Ed.
    (OLD MAN); no son I think it is iratating Ed.
    (SON): no grandpa I know it is Ir regenal Ed no ir regular Ed.

  27. The pizza guys here…where thr hells the pizza 3some with old guy made us hungry

  28. A hole in one? Hell, we can have all nine!

  29. Steve noyes Says:

    Now son, this is the kinda woman you need to get.
    If I could go back in time I never would of even looked at that fat ass mother of yours.

  30. Hey bill, I’d like you too meet the 19, 20th and 21st holes on the golf course

  31. Now son, the idea is to get MORE strokes on these three holes.

  32. did you bet the over or underware?

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