Monday, 02/20/2012

Before we got to another sexy Weather Girl audition this morning, we chatted with the one and only Richard Lewis! Richard has been a long time contributor for Playboy. His current article is found in the January/February issue, appropriately called “How to Turn your Dick into a Richard.” Check it out on page 41!

After we chatted with Richard, we were honored to show up the local news station here in LA with our sexy, naked weather girl Desiree Claire! She is our 3rd gal trying out for the coveted position. Desiree sure gave us a sultry, yet informative Five Day Filthy Forecast as she pointed to states topless and shimmied her 32D boobs for us. Now this is how you do the weather! Job well done Desiree, well done!

7 Responses to “Monday, 02/20/2012”

  1. Desiree Claire should be on there more… She’s awesome!

  2. chad giampapa Says:

    Desiree is the hottest girl auditioning for the spot. I’ll only watch it if shes giving me the weather !

  3. Desiree Claire is freaking hot! She should be the weather girl errday errday!! Xo

    Alyssa Kipper

  4. Awesome!!! Desire Claire=hot!

  5. No one deserves more time on air then Desiree Claire! She is the sweetest down to earth, grounded kindda person. not to mention super sexy inside and out! Love ya Des ❤

  6. I went to high school in Germany with Desiree. I think she’d be perfect for the job!

  7. Desiree for Sexual Weather…could not wait to get my weather each day

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