Tuesday, 02/21/2012

It was a fun-filled Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday in the Mini Mansion! To kick off our festivities this morning we checked in with former Bunny, Suzanne live from New Orleans. She was one of the original gals that hosted the gentlemen at the Playboy Club in New Orleans when it was open. She told us that one of her best nights, was when the club experienced their first Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street. The club was on lock down due to people stumbling into the club because of overcrowding in the streets. Throughout the night, Suzanne along with her fellow brunettes, blondes & redheads crowded on the balcony overlooking the street and began to toss Playboy souvenirs to the people. Talk about being at the right place at the right time! Sounds like it was a good time to be in New Orleans!

Have you ever wanted to join the Mile High Club? Come and take a flight with Flamingo Air! Owner, Dave MacDonald chatted with us this morning about his very discreet Fantasy Flight package that allows you to wine and dine your lady with champagne, chocolates & a nice comfy mattress! So go get it on in the air!

Our Mardi Gras fun & games continued with Brody Stevens joining us in studio along with HOT models Sarah and the Howe Twins Carla & Mellissa! Brody played commentator as the girls played Minute to Skin It. Each girl had to do certain tasks in a minute or less to earn beads. Our tasks … Multiple Inputs / Hula Hoes / Spit or Swallow / Ants in my Panties!

One Response to “Tuesday, 02/21/2012”

  1. dangello27a Says:

    The show was awesome with The Howe twins! No friggen brainer anything with two hot British twins is fucking awesome! Example, the pictures above are blurry…turn off! The pictures above are blurry but have to hot naked British twins doing awesome things…turn on!! My only regret with the show is these twins were not on longer!

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