Wednesday 2/22/12

We caught Lin-Fever this morning! But before we get to all the Linsanity that happened, we talked to actor Ken Marino from the film Wanderlust. Not only is he in the movie with Paul Rudd & a naked Jennifer Aniston, he wrote the screen play for it! We think his writing was a ploy just to get Jen Aniston naked. We couldn’t be happier!

Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli called in this morning to talk crap about her fellow contestants on Celebrity Apprentice! She told us that out of all the contestants she would most likely get it on with Dee Snyder, Penn Gillette is a lot sexier in person and Cheryl Tiegs has a great camel toe. We’ll just take her word on Dee & Penn. While chatting with Lisa, we gave her the Playmate treatment and “Pick Six-ed” her. Here’s what we found out … (1) Her fantasy is “two black men no waiting” (2) She loves “granny panties” (3) Her last orgasm was two weeks ago with “herself” (4) Her erogenous zone is “her vagina” (5) She hasn’t been with anyone famous (6) Her pubic hair styling … “African style big and bushy.”  HA! We love it when she gets all sarcastic and sassy with us!

We let the Linning begin as we brought in 3 gorgeous gals, Shayna, Laura & Chelsea, into the Mini Mansion for a chance to win a sports massage with NBA superstar “Jeremy Lin!” Each girl was eager to show off their “cleavlage” to him! After the girls tossed their tops at “Jeremy,” he had the opportunity to ask the girls a few questions to see just how well they knew him. Let’s just say they weren’t completely sure who Jeremy Lin was. In the end, “Jeremy Lin” couldn’t decide between the girls and gave two girls a massage!

2 Responses to “Wednesday 2/22/12”

  1. Didn’t see today’s show yet. One thought. Let’s see some NAKED chicks. Too many “Topless Only” segments. This is the Playboy channel after all. Let’s see some bits that result in the bottoms coming off.

    Also, in yesterday’s show the girls did get nude but only for a fraction of a second towards the very end of the show. Let’s get some bits with fully nude chicks, and with them being nude for more than half a second.

    Also, when the moment of truth arrived and the bottoms came off the camera for some reason only shot the girl from above the crotch area, thus the viewer got no pay off. We waited 55 minutes for some full nudity and then it finally happens and the camera missed the shot.

    In sum: while obviously all bits won’t be totally nude, let’s at least see some bits that involve women being nude, and not just for the last 5 seconds of the show. And get a shot of the goods once the bottoms come off. No more all above the waist shots when the girl is naked. Show the goods.

  2. jeffrey alexander Says:

    There is no way that was the actual jeremy lin. WTH? This is actually jeffreys fiance and ive never seen jeremy lin b4 but by looking him up it doesnt seem to match. Lol BTW love you all and love your show. We listen and watch everydayy. 🙂

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