Thursday 2/23/12

We started the morning off with – what else? – BOOBS! Sheyla Hershey has the largest breasts in the world, a whopping 38KKK! She says her super-sized funbags SAVED HER LIFE recently when she got into a car accident and her airbags didn’t deploy. Score another one for boobs! Although it can’t be easy driving while that enhanced. Sheyla also assured us that, even though her breasts are KKK, they aren’t racist.

To celebrate the NBA All-Star Game this weekend, Katrina, Christina and Destiny stopped by for a Topless Slam Dunk contest! Andrea walked them through some sexy warm-up exercises, such as “tits to the ceiling!” VERY HOT. In the competition, the girls earned points for their freestyle technique, girl-on-girl action – there was even a blindfold challenge! In the end, Kristina took it down. But, as usual, we ALL won.  

(We’re getting a new camera, we swear.)
And we checked in with Naomi Wilzig, owner and curator of the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach, which is featured in Playboy’s March 2012 issue. Naomi began collecting erotic art when her son asked her to find a “conversation piece” for his new home. Soon, she began finding them for herself. Naomi’s collection now sits on more than 12,000 square feet of museum space, and is the largest in America. One of her favorite pieces? A very unique four-poster bed.
Be sure to check out their gift shop for some cool items!

One Response to “Thursday 2/23/12”

  1. My mom was recently on your show, Naomi Wilzig is there anyway we can get a copy of the PB Morning Show interview 🙂 for memories sake.

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