Monday Car…Toon-Up!

You know the drill – give us your best caption for the cartoon below and win something Hef-approved!

Good luck!

31 Responses to “Monday Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. “Soft Landing”

  2. What a perfect landing.

  3. Before bringing it downtown for a lil fun, Lowelzilla decides to warm her new found toy and herself up with a lil titty fucking.

  4. Floatation devices are located at the “head” of the plane!

  5. The New Dreamliner Won’t Even Feel the Turbulence!

  6. Guess you’re no longer flying Virgin Airlines Sir!

  7. We’re changing our name to “DDelta”

  8. Crouse Master Says:

    And thats how to Wub Wub a jumbo!

  9. Grand Canyon Airlines

  10. I think we hit the wrong towers…

  11. We love to fly and it shows

  12. Passengers may experience some jiggling, some rolling, and some bounce! Satisfied passengers may unload all over their destination.

  13. Attention passengers we are about to expirence a little bit of cleavlage

  14. The new TSA recruiting poster.

  15. catch me if you can

  16. ryandunlopski Says:

    “In the event the plane goes down, kiss our ass goodbye and stick your head in Candy’s tits”

  17. Andrea moonlights as a safety device for the entire plane!

  18. jim tiller Says:

    The Twin Towers that saved thousands and converted Al Quaeda

  19. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    on behalf of Virgin airlines, We are happy to announce full service flights from Cleav-leage to points abroad.

  20. That should send a meeage to the talabans………superman ain’t shit

  21. Hussam Hussain, why don’t you try crashing into these twin towers?

  22. air port: Flight 789 where are you?
    Flight 789: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ummmmmmmmmmmm we took a detour arrival time unkown!
    air port: ??????????????
    Flight 789: we are stuck!

  23. The real reason planes go missing in the bermuda triangle.

  24. Welcome to Boob-AM. A division of hooters.

  25. kevin is king Says:

    Houston, we have a cleavledge

  26. And for those of you flying first class, please welcome our guest attendant, Andrea….

  27. Oh Sully, do it again!

  28. Roger that, the balloons have been deployed.

  29. Captain Sullenberger does it again.

  30. Will the gentleman in seat 38 please return his zipper to the full upright position. Thankyou.

  31. Hey, she not a natural blonde.

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