Monday 2/27/12

The show began with Kevin recapping his bachelor party at the Playboy Mansion. He brought 10 of his friends up to Hef’s House for the annual masquerade party. Originally thinking that the masks would be a good idea to help hide his identity, he quickly realized that it was very hard to recognize anyone because, “it turns out all hot chicks in only masks and thongs start to look very similar.” After running into Hef, and Hef’s ex-fiance Crystal Harris (Miss December 2011), Kevin and his band of masked friends spent most of the night drinking, and trying to stay out of trouble. Although Kevin was on his best behavior (so he says), he did crash a sexy photo shoot in the game house, and even ran into Playboy Radio’s Jessica Hall. Andrea was a NO-SHOW at The Mansion because she didn’t feel like picking out an outfit and rubbing tanner on herself. Kevin’s friends were bummed that they didn’t meet her. Can you blame them? 

After an exciting round of Good Naked, Bad Naked, JaRon and Gina went head-to-head in a “White-Off” to see which one of them is whiter. It was a close battle with questions including…

1. What does NWA stand for? 

2. What brand/type of mustard do you buy?

3. What is your favorite rap lyric?

4. How many pairs of sneakers do you own?

5. Who let the dogs out?

Although JaRon was far too white, Gina took him down. Gina crying during Meryl Streep’s Oscar win put her over the edge. However, she did accuse JaRon of going “ape-shit” during the win for The Help


We met Lauren, a hot 19-year-old Australian who came by to audition to be our Filthy Forecaster. Her audition was sexy, and she told us about the freckle next to her nipple that makes her feel special. 

After the 5-Day-Filthy-Forecast, comedian Steve Wilson (who will be on Tosh.0 tomorrow night), came by to join us for some Sex Mythbusters. We tackled the myth that you can correctly predict a women’s personality based on her type of booty. We ran our models Jennifer, Danielle and Lauren through a series of tests – like bouncing quarters off of their butts, etc. (Very scientific).  Definitely hot, although Andrea did leave a few marks on Jennifer’s terrific tush.

In the END, we concluded that nice asses rule! We also had an Ass-Off just for fun. The End.

One Response to “Monday 2/27/12”

  1. John Howard Says:

    I love seeing the ladies but I love seeing Adrea in the labcoat & glasses. Adrea do you make house calls. If you do good I have a wound that could use your tender loving care. Congragulations Keivin on your big day.

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