Wednesday 2/29/12

This morning began with Kevin and Andrea making the big announcement that Playboy is heading to the BIG 10 Conference for their next “Girls Of…” issue. Kevin said that if you have any school spirit at all, “it is your duty to make sure your college is well represented by the best of the female body.” Kevin and Andrea reminisced about the last time they traveled to the schools of the BIG 10, when The Playboy Morning Show went to Michigan, Ohio, and “Tennessee?” (according to Andrea).

Playboy’s resident imbiber, Dan Dunn, called us on his way to the filming of his new FOX TV show Living Loaded, based on the columns he’s written for Playboy over the years. He promised that Kevin and Andrea would get roles in the show if it gets picked up, but Kevin was more interested in talking to cast member Donald Sutherland about trying to convince his son, Kiefer, to bring 24 back to TV. Dan then invited Andrea to meet him, and the cast for drinks after, but Andrea said she can’t because “Rum makes me blow people.” (She’s actually just going to The Lakers game).

Dan on set with co-writer/producer Rob McElhenney

$377,000 for a tree-house? Mirrorcube will build a high-end house in your backyard complete with queen-size bed, bathroom, and a “pimped out rope ladder.” Featured in the current March Playboy (pg. 20), these high-end tree forts are currently part of the Tree Hotel in Sweden, but can be custom built for anyone.

Super Pubes: Andrea noticed during her underwear update that her laser hair removal was really working, except for 3 pubes that just won’t go away. Kevin dubbed them Super Pubes, and decided that they should create a super hero based on this pubic power. Her enemies would be Ra-zor, and Hot Wax.

After getting some advice from the Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe, on everything from illegal Viagra to women’s underwear, we kicked off another exciting Playboy Party Joke Remix… REMIX!

The Jokes included…

-Why do men love women in leather? 

-How is a thong like a barbed wire fence?

-What is the punishment for bigamy?

-How should the receptionist at a sperm bank say good-bye to clients?


In honor of Leap Day, little comedian Brad Williams leaped into the mini-mansion in a frog suit. He said that little people have great opportunity to dress like leprechauns and cupid, but not a lot of frog opportunities, so he was grateful.

Jaron presented his final “Great Moment in Black History” by bringing in “one of the greatest black performers of all time.” Turns out, he was right. Gary L. Gray, aka The Jumbaco Guy from the Jack in The Box commercials, surprised us all and sat in as a lifeline for a Leap Day round of Know It or Show It.

Tierra Lee, Chelsea Brook, and Jenny Rae came in for some naked leap-frog, topless trampolining, and a reverse round of KIoSI, where they had to earn their clothing back. Not much clothing was earned, and after being called “the greatest show on TV” by numerous callers, the ladies saluted Leap Day 2012 by jumping naked on the trampoline.

See you again on Feb 29th, 2016!

2 Responses to “Wednesday 2/29/12”

  1. Didn’t see today’s show yet. But yesterday’s show featured another topless chick segment. Just like pretty much every chick segment is. Let’s see some bits involving FULLY NAKED chicks,and not just for the last 5 seconds of the show. You’re on PLAYBOY TV. You kind of expect full nudity, not just topless broads. Topless only entertainment on PLAYBOY is very boring.

  2. 1hungry1 Says:

    wish callers could call in and chat more often. allso can you inform us of upcoming interviews with models via email, please. That way we can plan ahead easier. thanks.

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