Thursday 3/1/12

Today we met our Cyber Girl of the Week, Mandy Flores. A shocking story she shared with us was her sex experience in the back of a grocery store freezer! That’s hot! We’ll, figuratively. Flores also mentioned that she has erect nipples 24 hours a day and must wear extra padding when visiting with professionals. Take a look!

Next up was our American Dildo showdown! Our five finalists gave demonstrations over the phone of their individual sex toys. Erica, Lexi Ray, Kari, Miss Sofia and Ashley – who we allowed as a wild card entry due to a technicality – battled it out in an attempt to have their sex toy crowned American Dildo 2012! Today’s genre: SHOW TUNES! If you haven’t cast your vote yet, you still have time. Email We’ll be tabulating all day and night.


Mike Kelly a Playmate divorce attorney, made a special guest appearance with his Playmate wife, Nancy Harwood. (Miss Feb. 1968) Mr. Kelly – who’s been doing bunnies good (legally speaking) for over 30 years – gave us some practical advice about who gets to keep the ring after a divorce, and answered some of Andrea’s questions relating to “fraud” in a marriage. His wife Nancy shared her memories as Playmate, and Mike was all smiles as she described the passion they still have – after 32 years of marriage. Can you blame him? Check out her Playmate centerfold! Kevin got an up-close-and-personal peek.

Also, comedian Mike Epps called in to share the reasons why you can’t remember having sex with someone the  night before. Either you’re a “weed head,” an “alcoholic,” or just strictly a “whore”! If you are having enough sex to not remember someone’s name… then quit having sex and your problem is solved! HA! Like that’ll happen. Epps is currently on his national comedy tour, “Mike Epps: I’m Still Standing Tour.”

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