** New Cartoon-Up! **

It’s that time again! Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, found in the pages of Playboy’s March 2012 issue!

16 Responses to “** New Cartoon-Up! **”

  1. (woman)I didn’t know dr’s still made house calls?!?!? (old man) Thanks to picture messaging my dear we do now ; )

  2. I think I broke it

  3. Dan Croatto Says:

    Well that explains the high blood pressure.

  4. Steve noyes Says:

    Hey there you are Andrea, Kevin’s been looking for you!!! Thank god for playmates.

  5. Matthew Says:

    Bend over and let me give you a shot !

  6. Doctor to himself: What was wrong with my diagnosis, I’m not sure why he wanted a second opinion from a “skimpy nurse”?

  7. I wonder what she charges for her house calls?

  8. Now that’s what you call a good insurance plan.

  9. Zach tullous Says:

    Damn maybe I should perscribe myself two of those

  10. Doctor: that’s the way I want to go to lucky guy!

  11. in the future it is the SEXY final rights go with a smile!

  12. Miss Sandman gives me a dream!

  13. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    thank you Ms Yates for your opinion but it is obvious you have killed him with your sensual poetic reading and ample assets.

  14. Steve noyes Says:

    NO, you herd me right , I am the angel of death I came to fuck him to death. Turns out he’s a fag. Now he’s your problem. Have fun doc!!!

  15. Hi Honey. Is your Mother in there too? I forgot to give her Playboy’s web streaming address.

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