Friday 3/9/12

This morning we began the show with a phone interview with director of Playboy Club in London, Adam Roberts. The Playboy Club in London is set to host one of the world’s biggest international backgammon tournaments with a prize of $1 million dollars. The tournament will take place November 25-29th!

Robin Leach shared with us that there is an 8th hip-hop song named after him! He also gave us our enlightening Las Vegas Update!  Producer Gina wins the Friday Awards due to her sexiest moment of the week and most dramatic text message reading! (HaHa)

Power Hour:

Winding down to the most entertaining Power Hour of the week, we had several guests join us in the Mini Mansion for our Breastaurant topic! Today’s segment about Breastaurants was a themed and hypothetical idea of a new restaurant with a signature drink to go along. Jon Taffer the star of “Bar Rescue” on Spike Television was one of our judges! Also judging in the Mini Mansion was hot and sexy Danielle Robinson! Heather Storm our sexy mixologist was behind the bar shaking up these delicious drinks!  We had four sexy servers Mandii, BeeBee, Bodhi, and Maleah dressed in themed costumes to help us serve the signature beverages. Each sexy server had to serve Jon and Danielle to decide which drink was the best! Coming in first place was Andrea’s Naughty Nautical Navy theme with sexy server Mandii in her sailor attire! MAYDAY!

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